Getting Rid of Strech Marks

Okay. So here it is. Until recently, after my newbie gains, I’ve gained lean mass at a slower, but steady rate.

For about a 7 month period, ending about three months ago, I’ve stagnated.

I’d say I have a fairly “decent” build so far.

6’1, 214 lbs, 8% bodyfat (caliper test, don’t care about accuracy, to gauge, I know I can see my abs, which makes me happy even though I know I shouldn’t care)

I haven’t measured my arms in about a year, but now I KNOW they’re definitely over 17 inches, because I know they’ve gotten bigger from a year ago.

My problem is… my stretch marks.

I’ve changed my routine to a more preset one (ABBH, Chad Waterbury) and man, I started growing like a weed again (with of course, some slight changes in diet.)

I know I’m primarily a mesomorph, but the strech marks are different. I’m used to realizing that I might get the light colored or slightly pink stretch marks, which I do (arms, shoulders) but I have those nasty slightly purplish ones (they’re not a dark purple, but you know they are purple and they certainly aren’t pink) on my quads and my chest (especially in the area adjacent to the anterior deltoid).

A few questions:

Why purple instead of the ones like on my arms?
And does Cocoa Butter and Vitamin E Oil really work?

Im not sure why they are purple,

But I have spoken to a bunch of people who all agree that cocoa Butter and Vitamin E oil do work.

I’ve been doing alot of research, since I got loose skin from a 100lb weight loss last year, and I was plagued with bad genetics too, so I still got stretchmarks as a ‘skinny fat’ looking guy because of all the loose skin.

Hyaluronic acid (use with magnesium)
Vit A
Vit D (elasticity)
Vit E (elasticity)
Vit C (don’t use if using hyaluronic acid)
Extra Collagen (or biocell collagen II)
Extra Zinc
Yeast Extract
Aloe Vera Extract
Chondroiton Sulfate
silicon (biosil)
DMAE (elasticity)

All these ingredients somewhat help with skin repair and renewal.

Stretch marks are scars, I think the dark coloured marks are probably just deeper or worse. I honestly have a hard time believing that anything applied to the skin will do much other than moiturise. Vit C, Mg, Ca etc would be best if taken through the diet IMHO.

i used to have purplish ones on my delt to bicep region but over time they’ve faded to kind of clearish/white. Yours may fade as well sometimes I think they are purple just cuz they are “fresh”