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Getting Rid of Rounded Abs/Gut

First off, I have looked and didn’t find a forum item on this.
I have lost a lot of body fat from 35% down to 21. Now, clearly, I have fat to lose. My concern is that I have a rounded belly still, even when flexing. Not rounded due to muscles, but at the muscle level. Any input on what’s up and how to fix this? I

I have no idea what this means. You might be referring to visceral/organ-surrounding fat vs subcutanetous fat. That’d explain why things are still round. A pic would help to clear things up, but really, at 20+% bodyfat, the answer is to just keep losing fat.

Great progress so far, but at that size, there’s nothing to flex or, at least, there’s no way you’re seeing “abs” when you’re flexing. The round stuff is simply body fat.


Post a picture.

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Took it the best I could. CLEARLY, I have a lot to lose still. This isn’t about that but about the rounded belly at the muscle level despite a much thinner top layer as shown with the “poke”

You have more fat to lose.

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Very true. I just don’t get why the muscle also curves, not really looking at fat layer. Finger poke shows depth of fat. but underneath it is still very rounded.

The muscle is curving to around the fat. When you drop the fat, it will flatten out.

I can have visible abs with a lower belly pooch. It isn’t until I get absolutely peeled that it goes away.

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That is very helpful about it being under muscle. TYSM