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Getting Rid of Overtrained Obliques?


When I first started lifting a few years back I did a lot of oblique work thinking it was for abs. As it stands i'm around 8% bf but if I look straight on in the mirror my obliques stick out too much, giving me a bit of a love handle look. Im wondering if anyone else has ever had this problem and if so how'd they go about fixing it. Only solution I could come up with is to get bigger through the lats and chest. Is there anyway to bring the obliques down in size though?


Pics or it didn't happen.

either way, I train the crap out of my obliques. Helps me with my back.


Since when did thinking become so hard? I'm not even going to answer it because of how simple it is.


Shoulders lat width and quad flare.

Well stop training them. If it's REALLY an issue you could sub out some exercises that cause your obliques to brace loads and balance them like back squats and dead lifts and focus mainly on leg press/hacks and row variations. Or just get wider all over and not worry about it.


Full body cast... 10 days... no more obliques


I stopped training them months back already but it just seems the more I cut my waist comes in but my obliques stick out more kind of giving a hour glass shape look. Ill just keep trying to put on size and go about it that way. Thanks for the responses.. fuzzyapple I asked this thinking maybe someone else had the same issue and went about fixing it a different way, theres no need to insult someone for trying to learn more. thanks again everyone.


Wear a belt.

It's probably just fat though.


Maybe you just have a thick waist? It's called genetics. I got down to near 5% bf and still looked like I had love handle. Why? Genetics. Lack of Lat Width. Lack of quad flare. Lack of shoulder width.

Bring out your lats, quad flare (if you have the genetics for it), and shoulders. That'll make any waist look small.



We don't even know what you mean with obliques sticking out too much, because using your own reference. Does that compare to bodybuilding reference or just with too hawt abs?


I doubt you are 8%, put a pic up and prove me wrong, go ahead. But seriously 8% is very lean.


Who has money on "140lbs starving kid who is now seeing his hip bones"?


"No, it's not hip bone.... it's very aggressive calcificated fat."




I raise you another fitty.


Hence, me posting what I posted before. If he is at what he says he's at, he should know the answer to his on question.


Hey Brandonk87 i have the ezact same problem i overtained my obliques not sure if it was the ab machine, leg lifts or squats and deadlift but i never had the problem until recently. Anyway i hate the block look. Have you figured a way to resolve this? I read pilates was good i dunno…