Getting Rid of Nail Fungus

It’s common. It’s shitty. It sucks. Does anyone else have it/had it? If you had it, how ddi you get rid of it? Anyone with nail fungus and has tried the Biotest’s REZ-V supplement notice psoitive effects on getting rid of the fungus?

Had it. got rid of it. go to a podiatrist. They’ll prescribe you the good stuff. Takes about 10 weeks to clear. Hard on your liver but it’s the most effective option.

Damn. How disgusting.

I had something, but I don’t know what it was. A section of skin under my big toe, no longer attached itself to the nail. I sprayed tinactin or some antifungal foot spray on it. I made sure to clean the crap that kept growing under there out and got a nail brush for cleaning under the nails.

The thing went away, the nail has attached it self again (the section that wasnt attached was noticable but less than half the nail). And the nail is as good as new.

How long have you had it?

I’ve had it for quite a while now. I’d rather stay away from prescription drugs due to cost and time. Any other suggestions?

[quote]daniel d wrote:
I’ve had it for quite a while now. I’d rather stay away from prescription drugs due to cost and time. Any other suggestions?[/quote]

Cut the digit off.

The perscription drug is the only thing that really works.

Embrace it! What have your toenails done for you anyway? Nothing. Absolute myth they’re there for anything. What a hassle.

Personally, I just completed a 10 year war. Final score: Creepy crawlies 10, toenails nothing. Glad they’re gone. One less thing to do…

Guts I say.

Embrace it! What have your toenails done for you lately anyway? Nothing but a hassle.

I just fought a war with these little buggers. Final score? Creepy crawlies 10, toenails zero. It was a shutout. No more hassle clipping them, etc… Simplifies my life.

Guts I say.

Lewis and Clark wrote that the Algonquin Indians used to soak their fungal toes in their squaws vaginas. Cleared up the toe fungus in roughly 2 weeks.

Clark actually was able to test the proverbial waters on this cure as he wrote, “Have had toe fungus for 3 months now. Damn finding the Northwest Passage ! If only I could get me a good Algonquin vagina I’d be set.”

His diary entry the next day basically thanks heaven for delivering a whole tribe of Algonquin complete with several squaws of mercy.

Lewis’ diary entries cast a different light on the whole issue, “Fucking Clark sitting around toe fucking any Algonquin slut that’ll let him. We’ll never find the Northwest Passage with that horny bastard moaning about his toe fungus.”

Don’t know if this will prove helpful in curing your toe, but thought you’d be interested in some factualy, historical data.

[quote]daniel d wrote:
I’ve had it for quite a while now. I’d rather stay away from prescription drugs due to cost and time. Any other suggestions?[/quote]

Here is an old “home remedy” that works well if you use it diligently for several weeks.

Get a plastic pan that is large enough and deep enough to comfortably hold both your feet and has a resealable top (Tupperware or other brand). Buy a couple of gallons of cheap white vinegar and pour enough into the pan so that your feet are at least two inches deep in the vinegar. Soak your feet in the vinegar for about 15 minutes 3-4 times per week.

The vinegar is acidic enough to kill the toe nail fungus and clear up any athletes feet fungus without harming your skin. It also helps to make sure your toenails are short and clear of any “toe jam” so the vinegar can get underneath your nails easily.

Be aware of any cuts on your feet though. The vinegar will sting if you have any open wounds.

This is a very economical and healthy way to clear up toe nail fungus. You can use the same vinegar for several weeks by simply resealing the plastic pan. If you are married or cohabitating your “significant other” will probably complain about the vinegar smell so a well ventilated area or a bathroom exhaust vent is advised.

After soaking your feet just make sure to wash them with warm soapy water to remove the vinegar smell.

Within 3-4 weeks you will begin to see clear toenail growth and in about 3-4 months your toenails should look normal. A simple “one a week” maintenance soak keeps them in good shape after that.

Supposedly vick’s vapo rub helps. I’ve never tried it, but ti was in one of those doctor’s columns in the paper.

If you can get to south of the border I recommend buying erbitrex, same as the prescribed stuff here in the U.S. Just a whole lot cheaper, 10 week supply for 100 bucks. (Sure beats the 28 dollars a week plan here in the US)

And do not worry about Customs, I just told them straight out what I had and they passed me through. I had it pretty bad and now I show off my toenails at the beach instead of hiding them under the sand.

I also tried a the remedies mentioned here and none worked for me, but they might work for you.

Sounds a bit gross , but piss is the best . The acidity of human unrine and the urea quickly kill bacteria and fungi . Several of my friends are or were in the armed forces and they all get taught when in tropical areas hwere foot fungus is high risk , to regularly piss on their feet if they get itchy - first sign of fungal infection . The only one who admits to doing it swears it works a charm !