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Getting Rid of My Chicken Legs


Hi im new here to T-Nation and need help getting rid of my chicken legs. Do you guys have any recommended leg routines to help get bigger legs? thanks for any info nc160


Just to cause even more confusion:



well... you could always try squatting some heavy ass weight?


just the basics dude. watch a bodybuilders leg workout and follow it and make adjustments from their.


back squat work up to 4-8rm using sets of 8 to warm up

leg press work up to 8-10rm using sets of 10 to warm up

hamstring curl work up to 10-15rm using sets of 15 to warm up

lunges work up to max weight across whatever distance you have available

All top sets must be to failure

Always try to beat the previous workout

Adjust rep ranges and volume as you deem necessary, you may want to do more as you progress

Exercises can be swapped for similar ones according to your preference/needs.



I'm wondering, are there differences in muscles used between lunges and split squats? Or what do you find that lunges accomplish over other exercises ( to those who do them)

I've always just done split squats (not with the rear foot elevated, just legs apart like a lunge), since it seemed more direct. I also figured that if I have difficulty balancing a split squat I shouldn't be trying to walk around with a barbell on my back. I could probably do it with dumbells though.


Thanks for the advice guys much appreciated


has anyone here tried the 20 rep squat program? if so did it give good results?


How much do you squat OP? How much do you weigh?


I've done it. I think it works well for novices once they have good squat form. When I did it, I squatted for a set of 20 twice a week. I did some other leg work too, but not a whole lot.

I was pretty much force feeding myself at the time, with a lot of whole milk. I got a little chubby, but it was the first time I intentionally tried to put on some weight and it worked.

At the end of it, I was squatting for 20 pretty close to my 5 rm at the start of the program. I was on it for about 8 weeks before I stopped progressing. My legs were significantly bigger and I ripped the ass out of about 5 pairs of work pants as the program progressed.

It's not magic though, and any sensible routine will add mass to your legs granted you are eating enough.


WTF? Squats to FAILURE? That sounds like a great way to not be doing squats for long.




I thought both yates style training and BBB leg training were based off of training squats to failure..?


Most bodybuilders train just short of failure. True failure means your legs stop working. Try doing that with 500+lbs on your back and tell me how things work out.


I agree with X


Also, there are very few movements I would risk going to absolute failure on and most would either involve machines or a movement like curls where dropping the weight (if need be) wouldn't lead to injury.

Therefore, an exercise like free weight barbell presses would NOT be taking to absolute failure unless you trust your spotter with your life while there is no need to worry about this doing HS curls.


Wait a minute, HS curls and free weight bench work the same muscle? I am so confused.


True, true, but sometimes we forget that when doing barbell presses....that the goal is for the person UNDER the bar to carry most of the weight.


Yeah man no deadlifting off the bench rack.


I always read "Squats to failure" as "As many as possible using good, proper form". When you start doing good mornings instead of squats, it's about time to end the set.