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Getting Rid of My Cell Phone?


I'd like some input, thinking about getting rid of my cell so I have no phone. I rarely use it, mostly I just use the calendar for work. I maybe get a text or two every so often from somebody, usually work related. I don't answer my phone, when it does ring I get really paranoid, never answer. If it's somebody I don't know I just delete the message and never get back to them.

Why do I have a phone, well the first reason was because I thought it would get me somewhere, thought it'd be good, thought I'd make friends, be more connected if I met people but that isn't the case.

It's costing me $92 a month with unlimited data and text and minimum 450 minutes.

The money really isn't an issue, I mean hell it's money I don't care it's alot but whatever.
I just get so paranoid when unknown people call me and I just have it for others to get ahold of me. I'd like to just disappear and be unreachable.
Thinking of canceling my contract tonight.

Your thoughts?


If you see little use for it, get rid of it. Personally, I don't have a cell phone and life is good.


Cell phones certainly have their uses. How about switching to a prepaid phone?


You lived for some period of time without a cellphone, you can live without one again. Go for it. Get rid of the burden.


I think I'm just going to end the contract, I only know two people who will get upset about it, but they probably won't realize it for a few weeks anyways and seeing as I don't regularly see the one, it's all good. Just makes me so freakin paranoid, like right now, just gotta get rid of the thing.


Why not just get a pre paid phone. Turn it off. Turn it on when you need to make a call in an emergency.

Paranoid about a cell phone? Really now?


you're freakin' awesome jon!

I'd definitely hang out with you.


I am happy to see that I am not the only freak who doesnt own a cellphone.


Only paranoid when people call my phone. Especially unknown numbers. Gay ya but oh well.


I use a prepaid one and it saves me money. Even though I use it a decent amount it still only costs me 25-50$ a month.


how will your friends get in touch for time-sensitive matters i.e. meeting up, banging out, etc.?


You may find it interesting to know that I have not banged nor have I hung out with a friend since New Years Eve.

I use my phone for work and that is all. It just seems like such a waste and when someone does call I get really jittery for like a half hour afterword.


wow I'd say you should get out more but I'm almost the same way and content with it. Agreed that 92 a month seems excessive for something you barely use. And people did get along without cell phones for a very long time. I honestly hate having my phone with me, I hate carrying anything with me though, wallet, phone, chapstick....fuck I hate chapstick.


Jon, I've gathered from some of your posts that you're an introverted kind of guy. If that's by choice, more power to you. If it's because you're anxious and paranoid, I was just wondering if you've explored the possibilities of pushing your boundaries once in a while?

Weather or not you cancel your cell phone appears to be of little consequence. It looks like you've isolated yourself effectively already. I was just wondering why? You've been around a lot longer than I've been reading these forums, so perhaps you've gone into it already, but if you have, I've missed it.

I've gotta weigh in with Rock on this one, you seem pretty cool in my book - I'd hang out with you. I'm in no way trying to change you. Nor am I trying to call you out in any way or any of that nonsense. I'm just curious. If you don't want to answer, that's fine - or feel free to PM me if you don't want your business on a forum. Either way, YOU are the one in control of YOUR boundary. If the phone makes you uncomfortable, turn it off.


Yo Jon, i hardly use my phone either outside of a few friends, school, work and family.

True story, i was living in colorado springs getting my personal training certificate. I had one of those tracfones where you pay for minutes and etc. Well i ran out of minutes and didn't contact my family for about a week. One night about 1am i get this really loud pounding at my door(scared the shit out of me btw). It was the police checking on me because my family got worried because i didn't keep in contact. So if it were me, i would keep the phone if for no other purposes than for family to call.

Maybe you could get a cheaper plan or something though. You'll never miss your phone until you need it.

Hope that helps


I think you'd feel much better if you work on why you react that way to certain calls. Unless you feel comfortable the way things are, whatever you want to do is your business only.

Like earlier posters said, you could just get a prepaid phone and only turn it on when YOU feel like making a call, then turn it off again.


I agree with Ct. Rockula and Angry Chicken. FML.


I doubt I've explained why I am how I am, or maybe I have. I thought when you turn 18, getting a phone is what normal people do to keep in contact with others. Only thing is I don't use it, unless they get at me, I'll go forever without using it.

I figured making this thread would be stupid in a way or at least make me seem quite odd but most of you already knew I'm strange. I just have some crazy urge in my mind to get rid of the phone, get away from any further contact. You see work is one thing, you have to have a job to survive, you got to put on that happy mask and blend in, which I am very well at, but then you have the people who want your number and want to socialize and hang outside of work. The ones that want to get to know you. Get's me all trippy, I enjoy the phone for basic things like keeping track of my schedule but I could be investing almost $100 each month elsewhere instead of a phone which is only being paid for because I've been too lazy as of late to make any changes.

But right now, I am in that mode where it's either do it or don't and I was curious on a third party view to my decision. I don't have people to ask or talk to besides the internet. Sure I have work but that's a job. Perhaps one of those go phones would be the better route for me. I have never looked at them , nor do I really know how they work but maybe I should cancel and then check them out.

How is the reception with that type of a phone?

I know exactly why I react to unknown calls and such. It's my own fault but it'll be some time before that ever changes. Just gotta deal with it for now.


I was about to post something along the lines of what Angry Chicken said. I always read what you have to say Jon because you'er direct and eloquent in the points you make in any given topic. It belies an intelligence and confidence that seems to contradict the hints your give concerning your actions in "real life". I'm also perplexed by this contradiction.

I don't want to psycho-analyze you or anything but I think you should keep the phone and be confident and open with the people who've gotten close enough to earn your friendship.

That being said 92 bucks a month is retarded for what you need. Get a cheaper plan for 20-30 bucks a month.


To be honest, i don't remember what the reception was like. I do know that i personally wouldn't go back, but it might be the best option for you though. I currently have a verizon cell and i've never had any issues.