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getting rid of muscle?

For certain reasons I have come to the conclusion that to go on I need to shed some muscle about 3-5lbs worth. I searched the forum and found some similar posts but the answer won’t work for me as my genetics are pretty descent, and I actually have been known to put on lean muscle mass while dieting. So, I was planning on restricting calories to about 2000-1500 a day performing MELTDOWN training and instead of postworkout shake eating food two hours after the workout is over? also, Im an athlete so the t-dawg diet won’t necessarily work for as me my energy levels will have a negative effect(too negative) to be worth a damn. I realize Im sacrificing some but with some carbs atleast I’ll be half descent instead of being a vegetable. Im not in a hurry so any help is really appreciated, I have about two months. Well any help and recommendations is well appreciated? please chime in with anything but flames or flamers refrain… this is hard on me as it is…

I’m really curious as to why you have to lose muscle.

Stick to a 55/25/20 ratio concentrating on green leafy vegetables and lean protein sources. This will ensure you get plenty of fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants to combat free radicals and maintain daily bodily functions. Don’t skip the post workout meal, even if you want to lose muscle, it’s still a very important meal and nutrient absorption window. Figure out your maintenance level and cut back 500 kcal a day the first week, see how you are, then cut back 750 kcal the 2nd week. See where your at again, if you are losing at 1lb per week then keep it at 750kcal deduction per day until you level out or reach your goal weight. You dont want to start out at extreme reduction right away, just do it gradually adding an additional 250kcal per week with 500 each day the first week, and 750 per day the 2nd week, this will give you an accurate measure of where your at. Being an athlete this will also give you adequate nutrients to carry on your sport specific training regimine without being to detrimental to your energy levels.

To answer your question: I am a fighter who has to make weight and need to be at 147 for fight time and I weigh 152 with 3-4%BF. I just know that there is a way I can do this and avoid fighting at 154. Also, I really would like to get to a stable weight that I can have year after year without having to go on a hardcore diet and water loss ordeal before a fight.

Starvation’s an option. Before you do anything drastic, please realize that by volume, 4lbs muscle = 1lb fat.

UM…with all do respect why in the %$#@!!! do you want to (in your words) shed muscle ???
What you just said is equivalent to someone taking a beer to the dome while at an AA meeting. Do us all a favor do ever post yourself on this post with such a blasphemous question. ( This T-MAG as in
testosterone, as in Muscle.)

This has been said many times by Poliquin and Staley, I believe, but if you put on muscle easy, it’s better to move up a weight class than restrict yourself to a lower weight class. Just think of how much bigger and stronger you could be if you bumped up to 154 or more.

I had a similar problem. The only thing that worked for me was staying away from weightlifting. Do lots of technical fighting and cardio instead.

Bro, your statement sure does make sense but it’s not what Im asking for. Your no help, your not in my situation so two words for ya ____ ___!!! I know what this site is and what it stands for I also realize that this site is great not only because of its quality of info but quality of people willing to help out everyone in the fitness, athletic, and nutrition world. My situation is different but I would still call T as it’s pretty hardcore. Also, I could probably kick your fucken ass all over this board then drag you to the street and piss in your mouth making you gargle it before you swallow. Be useful man!!!

what type of training as in weights would you recommend during this type of approach???

Also take into account water
U can lose up to 7-8 pound in a night of losing water weight, i have dont it before for powerlifting but hells its better than losing muscle.


I’m assuming you have a fight in 2months? If this is correct then you will need to fit your weight program into your pre-fight specific training. I would do weights 3 days a week M-W-F depending on your schedule, I would use T-TH as active recovery and restoration days. Keep the weight workouts to 45 minutes or so, because you want to ensure you use the kcals you have for your sparring or fight training not so much on weight training. Stick with explosive movements jerks, cleans, powersnatches, front squats, jump shrugs, (again depending on your current training regimine) 5-6 sets 3-5 reps 55-70% 1rm and 30-45 second rest periods between sets. Try and incorporate restoration methods into your program as well during this time, contrast baths NOT showers, light sports massages, and 2 active recovery days with light jogging, jump rope, basketball, anything with low to moderate intensity to get the blood flowing. Again though this would also depend on what you are doing for your fight training. If you are heavy into sparring for x amount of hours per day then you will to base restoration and active recovery off of those workouts as well and not just your weight workouts. Again DONT skip out on post-workout nutrition, even though you are cutting kcals to lose lbm this is the worst meal you could skip out on.

You can also rely on med ball, and plyometric work as the main stay or part of your weight training program to. Weighted GPP sled pulls, farmers walk with db would also be good ideas.

Just stop lifting and that’s probably the easiest way to lose some muscle. Couple this with lots of running and other cardio activity and a low calorie/low protein diet and you should be just fine.

Just cutting back the calories should do the trick. I myself would not worry so much about it. 5lbs is a reasonable amount of weight to carry pre/post fight. Keep with the weights, you need try to maintain your strength when dropping muscle.

just use any routine from arnolds book.

Karinjin are you for real? not being sarcastic just curious and if you could answer with a reason that would be great.

Want to lose muscle? Try H.I.T. Use machines. avoid deadlifts, squats, chins. Use ext and curls, lat pulldowns.

Arnold advocates ultra-high set workouts, and each workout takes hours and hours to complete, and you are supposed to do this 2x/day, 6x/week. Unless your blood is 1 part blood and 1 part Dynabol, this will quickly overtrain you to the point where you look like Gollum.

Not to mention your an athlete, so why would you want to train like a bodybuilder? Even if you modified his volume, the exercises lined out in his programs have nothing to do with increasing athletic ability.