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Getting Rid of Man Boobs


Hi, so I used to train quite a bit from ages 16-21. Then I moved to the USA and lost my mind on all the crappy food available for cheap and in no time had gone from 180lbs to 268lbs, and I'm only about 5'6-5'7. It was disgusting and horrible.

I started working out and eating properly again in August 2010 and already I've lost 70 lbs overall.

Enough of the intro, here's my question. I still have some "side" man boob fat in the spaces between my lats and my pecs. I understand that weight loss has a universal effect and will eventually target those areas, but I want to know what type of exercises I can do to target them quicker. It's a very ugly reminder of my body earlier this year and it's keeping me from wearing what should be my proper size of shirts (since those get pulled along the chest).

Thank you.


I'm pretty sure spot reduction is a myth


The V-Diet claims to get rid of the fat in very stubborn areas, too so you might wanna head over to that part of the site and ask people about it.


i think the op should show pics so we can examine if he has "stubborn fat pockets", or if he's just fat overall, or if he just needs muscle.


I am definitely still fat all over, but the fat in the specified areas is extra bothersome for me. I'm already on a high protein/ complex carb/ practically no processed sugar diet and on an exercise regimen comprised of 3 days of weightlifting and cardio and 2 days of cardio + abs or a p90 workout. Doing this has gotten me to lose 70lbs in a short amount of time. Unfortunately I'm sure I lost a considerable amount of muscle too, but I'll build it back.


Here are some images. The top one is a picture before I started the diet/ weightlifting regimen.






Good work on the 70 lbs so far buddy. Keep at it. Spot reduction doesn't happen. What you can do (and this is just starting on what will take awhile, but it is possible) is to make sure you keep moisturising and use a good scrub brush in the shower to maximise your skin's rejuvenating rate; as you lose more weight your skin will tighten up faster this way. Unfortunately the only fix is to keep losing the fat, hope the skin tightens up and fill it up with muscle. Incline presses and good lats. Keep it up pal.


Thanks! I'll try using a scrub brush.


Don't expect miracles but just keep at it. I've noticed quite a difference doing this (or maybe it was just time?!) and moisturising regularly. Stick to it.


Yeap it's just regular fat. Keep up the hard work and you'll get it.


Thanks...will do.


I'll take the opportunity to ask another question regarding lifting. Now that I've lost weight (and possibly quite a bit of muscle) I find that I can barely lift half the weight I used to before completely tiring my muscles out. And on top of that, most times, the muscle group I target does not ache the next day. So I can't lift more weight or do more reps, but I also feel no soreness in the days following my workout. Any ideas?


Don't be starving yourself to lose that weight. When I was cutting down (lost about 20kg) I was actually increasing in strength (not by much, but a little). No idea what your diet is like so it's a completely seperate question pal! Start a new thread I'd say.


Soreness does not always happen after you workout, even when you are working hard. You shouldn't be working for soreness, you should be working for higher weights.


Just drop your overall fat %


Look up tabata on this site.

I'm not saying it should be your focus/your overall regime with weights.

But it is great for fat loss.

GL and good job so far.


Eat at most 100g carbs and at least 100g of fat per day for a year...you will see alot of that come right off. Your body fat is way too high right now to be worrying about petty spot reduction...you just need to focus on dropping it overall. Good work so far, although it sounds like you're getting weaker, which is unnecessary.



Right-No spot reduction

But, what you CAN do is build up the muscles in your chest and back to make it look someonewhat decent.....until the fat is gone

Heavy Barbell Rows
DB Chest work-flys.presses......