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Getting Rid of Man Boobs


I am 27 years old and am now paying the price for years of being sedentary and having a poor diet. I feel lethargic, have noticed a lower sex drive, and have bitch tits! I also have a pretty big gut.

I have changed my diet drastically and feel much better. I have started jogging and have begun weight lifting to. I am going to use the starting strength 5X5 as a guide. My question is whether I should do more pectoral exercise to get rid of my bitch tits, or should I mainly rely on the deadlift, squat, and bench to get rid of my gut and breasts! I still plan on doing these compound exercises, but my question is whether I should put more emphasis on working the pectorals?


First, no, you should not put more emphasis on your chest in order to solve the problem. What that would entail is spot reducing (working a particular part of your body in order to reduce the fat covering that muscle) and is not really possible.

Second, if your condition is simply excess fat on your chest, then just stick with the starting strength, keep eating clean, and you will see results all over your body. Again, the fat usually comes off all over and not so much in specific places (there are exceptions obviously; some people definitely lose fat in certain areas more quickly than in others).

Third, if you have a condition called gynecomastia, then unfortunately your condition will not get any better through diet and exercise and will require surgery in order to fix. Gyno is caused by excess tissue under the nipple area, and is not a result of excess fat. If it were fat, it could be methodically burned away through diet and exercise (again, as regarding the exercise part, NOT by doing a ton of pushups or pec movements). And because it is tissue, it needs to be surgically cut out.

This condition is a pain in the ass and is actually quite common. Just look around and you will probably see what I mean.

In conclusion it is impossible to tell if you have gyno or simply too much fat. But either way, don't go messing with a proven program in order to solve this problem. If it is gyno, you can at least try to develop a decent physique all-around so overall, you look better. Good luck


Moobs are mainly a factor of body fat percentage. Thus, focusing on training your pectorals might be nice for your pectoral muscles, but it won't do much to reduce your moobs.

Start here:


Working muscle doesn't get rid of fat, having a caloric deficit does.

Man boobs can also be a medical condition called gynocomastia. (sp)


I have a fairly high body fat percentage and getting more muscle on chest definetly made / makes it look a hell of a lot better!


I'd say this hit it all....


I was about to say, if after dieting down to below 10% bf you still have some boob issues, then I found working on my upper chest consistently (not alot more than normal) reshaped the boob so that it just looks like a slight overhang on your pec.


You probably need to start a chest shaping routine. I sure I've seen an article on here about sculpting the lower chest, I think it was by Chressy just do a search. Or you could learn to love your body for what it is.


Doing more bench or chest exercises wont get rid of your boob problem unless you lose the fat.

its similar to a person with a lot of fat and big belly trying to do situps to redefine there abs; its just not going to happen unless the fat comes off. The lifting program will help you lose fat as long as you diet properly; however, focusing on your pecs isnt going to do any good; its a matter of losing the fat.


My question is why bother saying moobs or have man boobs, that is a sign of extreme fat. So why not say I am fat and out of shape and need to workout, period. If you have man boobs you don't only have a chest problem.

So like Travis said, " hit it all ". You'll thank yourself a few years down the road.


Thanks for all of the replies! The thing that gets me is that my fat is concentrated. Most people assume I am super skinny because my face, arms, and legs are skinny. It is only my gut and boobs that collect fat.

After doing much research here and other sites, I think the reason for my body shape is either too much estrogen or to little testosterone. I think this is backed up by seeing female body builders slowly lose their breasts as they get more muscle and as a consequence more T.

The problem with having lower then average testosterone is that it is harder to work out. I don't have as much motivation as I used to, and it is harder to build intensity. So it is kind of a downward cycle that is hard to reverse.

Now that I know the problem though, I am committed to do whatever it takes to get back in shape. I bought some Alpha Male, ZMA, and Rez-V and hope this will give me a kick into a positive upward spiral. An upward spiral where the more muscle I build, the more T I produce and the easier it is to keep up with an active lifestyle.

Again, thank you to everyone who responded!


Hers the question I have had Gyno surgery from the stuff when I was a teen....if there is a lump under the nipple thats semi hard it could be real gyno...it makes your nips look pointy and usually puffy looking in the Areola area (pink area) if you find no lump and your chest just looks like man boobs and its false gyno (just fat storage) then weight loss and muscle gain will solve it....if you had real gyno and you lost all the fat off your chest...your nips in the areola would still be pointy and puffy


Notice how his nips are pointy and puffy despite being skinny...this is actually the guy who did my surgery...again its only needed if you have true gyno....


I would advise you to clean bulk. Once you have achieved this then cut. I made the mistake in the past of cutting when I had little to no muscle mass and whilst my chest was reduced in size than from before, they didn't have the shape of pectoral muscles. Bulking will make it look worse, but then cutting will make it look better. It's one of those things that will be worse before it gets better.


Hi there.

The first thing you should do if your showing signs of female fat distribution is to fix your Zinc levels.

Last % of people defecient in ZInc was 89% or something in the USA to fix it use CT's Zinc

60g Breakfast
60g 2nd Meal ---- DO that for 2 weeks

Then drop 20g every week till your finished. Preferred Zincs end in ---ate ie Zinc Celate.

The next step is to start on natural anti-estrogens such as green tea (extract is very good too), grape seed extracts, and resveratrol (see T-Nation store)

Also Flax seeh HULLS (not the seeds) are good for anti estrogen, and Brocolli is up near the top as well.

Try that out for a month and see what happens...... this assuming your nutrition doesn't consist of Mc Donalds 5*a day


This thread is 8 months old and the OP hasn't logged in since MAY.

On top of that, if he truly has gyno, zinc won't be getting rid of it. All of that is a vain point if someone is obese to begin with.


Erm oops i dont know how to check how old a thread is ... sorry !


I know its an old thread but the only way to get rid of bitch tits is surgery.


I have the EXACT same problem and its destroyed my social life for at least the last 6 years. I also look pretty skinny and well built everywhere else except for my abdomen and my chest. Would this surgery considered cosmetic? Or would health insurance cover this?


Why would someone resurrect this thread after almost a year and give advice? I'm sure the OP is long gone, lol.