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Getting Rid of Body Hair


I saw 40 year old virgin so waxing doesn't seem fun. SHould I jsut keep going under the razor or is there better ways


laser hair removal


Tequila + Wax = Hairless


Laser hair removal is the best. On average, it takes 2-3 sessions, 500 dollars per session.

Search online, there's lots of info.


Or, if you're unlucky like me, you'll go for 12 or more sessions and still not get rid of it all. Luckily, mine didn't cost that much, but I had it done several years ago (for about a three-year period) and it's still not all gone.

Besides laser hair removal (which works in most cases but is expensive), you have the choice of waxing, Nair, trimming or shaving.

I do all of the above or have at some point. Find what works for you.

I've found the following is best for me:

Upper back/shoulders (only if I don't use Nair)
Chest/stomach (summer time only or when lean)

Pubes (some people like to shave, I prefer it closely trimmed)


*I used Nair on my chest/stomach once. I will NEVER do that again.


*I waxed my chest/stomach once. I will never do that again. My hair is too thick and I had too many ingrown hairs. But it looked great! And damn, it hurt. Just like in the movie 40-Year-Old Virgin.



What about Electrolysis? I have been thinkin of this option!


No that's gay.

It's only for very small areas, like women removing some mustache hairs, nipple hairs or happy trail hairs.


Oh, who cares. We're men-we're supposed to have body hair.


Have you seen the Geico commercials? I look like a neanderthal!!!! That's too much hair! LOL!


yeah i don't want to take off my sweater and have people think I'm still wearing one


Finally, a hairy guy with consideration for everyone else at the beach. So crack open another cold bud light, summer sweater. We Salute you.


As long as your body hair isn't long enough to have dreadlocks in it, who cares??

Of course if you do have dreads in your pubes, that is just plain old nasty.