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Getting Ready to Start my First Cycle

I’m 24, 270lbs and around 18% BF. Been weight training since late 2005. I’ve been reading as much as I can about AAS and feel like I’m ready to dive into my first cycle. Right now I’ve can get Testosterone Cypionate from a source. I’m planning on doing an 8 week cycle of 400/mg per week, with two injections per week. So it would be 200/mg twice a week for eight weeks. Where I’m running into some confusion is for PCT. I can probably get some nolvadex as well and was wanting to know what the dosing for that would be. From my understanding I wouldn’t start it until week 10. Is that correct?


It’s your first cycle, run the test at 500mg/wk. “Anything worth doing, is worth doing right”.

Standard PCT would be Nolva “40/40/20/20” and yes starting on your 10th week.

And let’s not forget having an AI handy since this is your first and you don’t know how you’ll respond. You should’ve known that considering you think you’re ready.

If I was in your boat I would loose bodyfat first. This is something you can do without AS, it has also been shown that leaner individuals are less likely to suffer side effects.