Getting Ready to Have a Baby

Hello all, I’ve been on TRT for about 7 years, I’m 46 years old and my wife (she’s a bit younger) is ready. Reading so many different studies and different opinions is always a bit confusing and we tend to want to follow the studies that tell us what we want to hear.

I’ve read quite a few that say I can continue with TRT but add hcg about 250-500iu EOD with Clomid/tamo/Anastro/Oxandro EOD as well and get my sperm count back. Is this wishful thinking or legit? My doctor is preaching I must quit Test completely and implement the others heavily…

Currently I’m using 2x weekly .5cc Test E 200mg/ml. and tamo twice weekly.

Is anyone willing to share their experiences, successful or not and their advice? I love my doctor but also know that he probably isn’t as up on this as many in this community.


You can stay on TRT, add HCG and FSH if needed. You can get FSH from Empower and isn’t that expensive, however retail pharmacy’s will charge a small fortune.

I have most guys drop the testosterone dose 20% and add 700-750IU hCG weekly, which has shown good results. A few of them will discontinue test and go with hCG monotherapy, we use 2000IU a week in those cases.

After conceiving, we go back to testosterone only, obviously.

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Nice and thank you! Never taken FSH so what would the protocol for this be? I can get access to Empower via my doctor… Also, does Zomacton help with getting my body to produce live swimmers?

How many months, on average, until I’m seeing my sperm count return?
Thank you for your insight too!

I am 32 and just got my wife pregnant in Feb. I was on test only for a little over 2 years, and cycled most of my 20s. I added HCG 750iu a week for a couple of months and did not get her pregnant so I decided to come off. Took 1000iu HCG for 3 weeks after my last test shot in December followed by 25mg clomid everyday for about 6 weeks and she got pregnant.
My 2 cents.

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Difficult to say as we do not evaluate sperm counts. Some successfully conceive within a couple of months while some need several. But, there are other issues involved than just the sperm count. However, it appears to come back quickly.

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