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Getting Ready to Bulk


as the title says, i'm ready. i'm gunna post my diet. post advice, feedback, or flames lol.

current:165lbs @6 ft
*when i say scoop, it's a plastic cup that i use as measurement. i don't know the particular measurement, but it's a lot!

breakfast:2 scoops oatmeal with spoon of flax seed and whey/ shake(1.5 serving of whey, 1.5 serving of casein)/ fruit/ a bunch of walnuts

lunch: 1 scoop brown rice/ a cut of salmon(don't know how much a cut is, but it seems big)/a bunch of walnuts

pre-workout:roti(indian whole grain bread)/2 fruit/1.5 serving whey

post workout:2 fruit/ 1.5 serving whey

post workout solid meal:2.5 scoops of brown rice with a ton of meat

post workout solid meal 2:2 rotis and a ton of meat/ vegetable

random protein and fat meal at night:shake(1.5 serving of whey,1.5 serving of casein, 4 spoons of evoo.)

pre-bed meal:shake(3 serivngs casein, 4 spoons evoo)

*i don't want to include fast food because i have a history of cholesterol and obesity.(i just got it down 6 months ago)


It looks like you have a ton of protein coming from supplements. Do you have any idea how much protein you are getting each day? Also, how do you know that you are getting 3500 calories if all of you're measurements are in "ton" "bunch" "a cut" "scoop" (which even you stated that you don't the measurement)?

Instead of using your "scoop," why don't you just use 1/4, 1/2, 1 cup actual measuring cups?

All I am saying is, you are going to save yourself a lot of headache and frustration if you have everything EXACT (or relatively close) in the beginning. Trust me on that, otherwise you are just winging it, and that will not work.


Apparently 'shitload' is a valid measurement :stuck_out_tongue:


ya, im sorry dude. but this is just utter crap. i didnt know how little amounts of food i was eating until i started measuring and weighing until i got a good idea of what constitutes a lot of food. now i can eye things out a little bit better. start using proper measurements and you'll see...

i dont understand why you would post this. nobody can give you feedback because nobody knows how much food you are actually eating...


okay, did the measurements today.

*1 serving of protein is 24 g
*i take this many protein shakes because my mom wants me top stop eating meat(not gonna happen!) and flat out stops me from eating eggs!
*cup of brown rice=225 calories

breakfast:shake(1/2 serving whey and 1/2 serving casein)/ 2 scoops oatmeal, fruit and a bunch of walnuts

lunch:1.25 cups of brown rice with salmon(couldn't find measurement for this, sorry) and a bunch of walnuts

pre-workout:roti( about200 calories)/ 2 fruit/ 1 serving whey

post-workout: 2 fruit/ 1 serving whey

post-workout solid meal: about 3 cups brown rice with a "shitload" of meat(hard to find a measurement for this as my mom has a tight control over this, but i take double what my mom gives me and say my brother took it since he's helping me with that!)

post-workout solid meal 2: 2 rotis with a "shitload" of meat/ vegetables

random protein and fat meal: shake(1/2 serving whey, 1/2 serving casein and 4 spoons evoo)
*spoon of evoo=120 calories

pre-bed meal:shake(1 serving casein and 4 spoons evoo)


well that was better?

shitload of what kinda meat?
2 scoops oatmeal? is that 2 cups of dry? 1 cup of dry? what?
bunch of walnuts? cup? half a cup? 2?

ive read your other post about your dieting being tightly controlled and I come from an Indian household as well. my dad was born and raised it Karachi. so i say this with understanding, man the fuck up. you want more eggs? make some eggs. you want to weigh your meat before eating it? get a scale and weigh your meat. you want to go out and buy 4lbs of ground beef and cook it and eat it yourself, do it. if it comes down to it, explain to your parents what you are trying to do and why its important to you. if they are good parents, they will understand and support your decisions. pitch in for groceries and they have nothing to complain about.


oatmeal=125 calories
meat is usually goat, chicken, pork, or turkey. no beef since they're hindu.
walnuts are 180 calories. since i eat them twice that's 360 from them

and my parents don't support me at all. they told me muscles are disgusting and i looked great at 37% bodyfat. they want me to eat roti and other carbs all day with no protein. when i started taking evoo, they freaked out and called my doctor because evoo has fat in it. if i question them they beat me and don't talk to me for weeks.
i'm 16, i can't man the fuck up until i have a good paying job and can live on my own :wink:


well, ok then!

lets figure this out. send me a PM of what you have available, what you are willing to do, if you have a job, etc etc. i'll hook you up with what i can.

we'll get ya up and running.


Is that the culture in india or something? My wife is Indian and she thinks that if I don't have 20%+ fat then I'm not a man. She thinks muscles are ugly too. And she doesn't understand why Amercians are so selfishly obsessed with their bodies! I'm down to about 15% and she's ready to divorce! lol :wink:


For the family issues, just say you are joining a cricket team and have to get in shape to beat an archrival team of Pakistanis. If they don't cut you some slack then, I give up.

Also, your cals look ok though I would recommend multiplying it all by a 1/2 hog's head just to be sure.


[quote]Soco wrote:

I would recommend multiplying it all by a shitload just to be sure.