Getting Ready for the 'Warrior Dash'

I’ve been powerlifting for the last 7 years and decided to do the warrior dash with a buddy. Its a 5km run with 10-12 obstacles along the way. I started running about 4 weeks ago, after my training days I’ve been adding a 1km run, 2km run and 2.7km run just for shits and giggles but it turns out it may come in handy. I’m thinking about keeping everything the same but including a 5km run on my fourth training day.

Good luck! I plan to run one probably next time they have one in SoCal. Either that or the mud run. If you can do the distance (which is pretty sort considering) the obstacles, I hear, are no sweat. I hear it’s more of a festival event atmosphere than a competitive race (unless you’re looking to take first place or something).