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Getting Ready for The Big One!

Well ladies and fellas, it took me almost three years to save up for, but I finally made it!
I’m 50 years old and will be doing one last huge cycle before getting too old to improve.
The cycle will look like this…

Testosterone Enanthate - 2000 mg/wk ( 866 mg/e3d) with a Test Prop jumpstart
Deca - 1500 mg/wk (650 mg/e3d)
D-Bol - 100 mg/ed (50 mg. morning/ 50 mg. pre-workout)
HGH - 10 iu e3d
insulin - 10-20 iu PWO
This cycle will last for 27 weeks
I’m 5’6" tall @ 220 lbs. and will post some “before” pictures soon.

Thatta boy! Go big or go home

i will temporarily come out of posting retirement for my old friend Tim…one of the best guys on this forum with a heart as big as his arms! (sorry for blowing your cover bro)

the only thing i see there that i would reconsider would be subbing something else for the deca…the older i get the less it agrees with me and it seems no amount of test keeps it from fucking up my libido. but maybe you don;t have that problem at all if not have at it.

good to see you around…my pirvate email is still the same…stay in touch.

Jesus. You should throw some deca-bacon in there too.

Holy fuckballs. hahaha

What are your goals?

^ to get big a fuck?

Tim, that picture of you dancing with your wife, I dont remember your ears being so big…


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I wish you all the best, Tim.

[quote]BONEZ217 wrote:
Tim, that picture of you dancing with your wife, I dont remember your ears being so big…


Hah. I was just thinking he needed one more cycle to be able to walk that beast!

Looking forward to reading your progress.

Holey Sh@T! here is to going/getting big AND going home… Let us know how it goes… That is a shit ton of gear


Do work, one last hurray for the fading meat head.

Crazy dosages, the big 3 drug choice, super long cycle, high dose GH, high dose Slin.

Maybe take half the deca and sub with tren or mast or both would be more effective ?

Please log this.

Do you have past experience with high-dose Deca that leads you to consider this a good plan for you personally?

Because in general, this is not the way to go.

Also of relevance: are you planning on permanent HRT after this cycle?

In relation to what BillRoberts stated, I would almost wonder if perhaps EQ would be a better swap out?? I hear the gains of a high dose of EQ are good, and its effects on promoting collagen production surpass nandralone… Perhaps the red blood cell count would pose some risk from dosing EQ at a gram or more per week?

Not trying to hijack…

Bill, could you elaborate just a little on why high dose Deca is not the way to go; besides its suppresion and prolactin issues… or is that it??

Many find high dose Deca use to be problematic for reasons of depression.

Not to mention that “type one” compounds seem more susceptible to diminishing returns.

Most people find fairly high doses like 800mg to a gram of tren to be about same in terms of effect as maybe 600mg or so.

Yes, please log this. I know how valuable I personally find it to read through cycles this adventurous.

And, while I am SURE you have plenty of ancillaries to support such high doses, I am curious what your protocol for these will be.

Best of luck.


Love the spirit Tim, but I’m somewhat concerned about the first two compounds dude.
How much weight do you want to try and carry on that 5’6" frame though for real?
You’re starting at 220, and that amount of good ole test is sure to put on huge weight gain.
I am cautiously optimistic at best with the huge dosage, and huge deca on top of that.
I’m thinking it could be problematic my friend. But that’s just my concern for a good guy.
I like the length, but think you’d do better with a big dose, just not that big, lol…
But go for it. Manage the sides as they hit, listen to your body closely.
Good to finally hear from you on the forum after ages.

Wow, you got a lot of friends ( big dogs ) on this site to advise you. I’m kinda doing the same thing as you but on a much smaller scale. Read my post " do a cycle on TRT or just get hair plugs" I’m 6 weeks into my program and going strong. I feel like I could add 50lbs to every lift but I’m lifting safe and strict to avoid any injuries. I’m 48yrs old and doing my first cycle.600mg Test Cyp. 20 weeks on . 8 off then 20 weeks on. then 200mg week for TRT. My diet is my biggest mental challange. I love to eat. Post when you can I want to see how some one else my age is doing.

my lord when i read op’s post i got goosebumps. good to see some big dosages being used and cant wait to read any updates. you never to old mate. i work with a guy who is 55 and is using gear and said he will till the day he dies and he’s still squatting 4 plates per side for 12 reps. And he is happy healthy and looks great. dont make this your last cycle keep on truckin.