Getting ready for the big 21

Well, I’m turning 21 tomorrow, and I know drinking ultimately hurts your progress, but this is the night where I’m going to lay it all out on the table. I have some really roudy friends so I’m bound to not remember much.

But for someone who doesn’t drink to often … about 2 times a month at most … what are some good ways to prep yourself to be able to absorb the majority of the alcohol, and not feel like total shit the next day. I heard eat a lot before I go out, and drink water in between drinks. Any suggestions will be most appreciative !

Thanks T-mag’ers

Being a professional drinker, the best thing I’ve found is drink a LOT of water during the day and a couple of asprin right before going out. Also for a few bucks you can pick up a bottle of activated charcoal pills at a health food store, and take 5-6 before going out, they help absorb toxins(yes it is normal to have black poop the next day). Be sure to drink a few glasses of water during the night and more right before bed with a couple more asprin if you can remember(genuine asprin, not acetamenafin). You won’t feel like a champ in the morning but you will be functioning. Alka-seltzer am works of in the morning if you can stomache the fizz. But it’s just asprin and caffiene. Hope this helps.

oh yeah… and a heavier meal an hour or two before hand will slow the alcohol absorption so ya’ don’t get drunk as fast.

#1 Water,
#2 Water,
#3 Aloe Juice Helps if taken before
#4 Pedalite after you’ve been drinking helps alot
#5 Alka Seltzer PM
#6 If you can’t handle the end result that you know is coming do not drink that much and bitch about how you feel.

Use a DD and be safe

Blackouts are one of the worst things about drinking. I quit drinking years a go but am still haunted by the lost hours during blackouts. I think it would be best to be able to remember your birthday. So keep your drinks under ten.

The suggestions are good, I think with the exception of the aspirin. There has been a lot made of the interaction between otc painkillers and booze, and resulting liver toxicity. Seems to me you need to choose one or the other. I think the warning label would bear me out. (I know I picked booze over aspirin long ago)

Ohhhhh the measures we take to not have to think for a night.

Alcohol gets absorbed and released slowly by fats, so if you want to appear to be able to handle more - eat a fatty meal and fiber about 90min before you go out.

If you’re just trying to survive, then the water is the most important. One little trick I did is fill a 2L bottle half way and leave it where you’re going to fall asleep (which you need to decide before hand). It will be room temperature by the time you get to it. Before you fall asleep, drink what you can handle. Hangovers are mostly dehydration. And being poisoned.

Eat pizza before drinking. Unless you drink Bacardi 151, drunkeness will be a near impossibilty. For the morning after try and get your hands on a benzodiazepine such as diazepam (Valium), clonazepam (Klonopin), etc. A benzodiazepine will kill a hangover dead. But do NOT take benzodiazepines WHILE you are drinking because that combination could kill YOU dead. We are all familiar with the term “synergistic effect” here.

Drink tons of water and make sure you have a full stomach of food. Before you go to sleep drink tons of water. I’ve noticed a HUGE difference doing this when going out drinking.

How was your birthday?

R.I.P Landon Evans :wink:

What does R.I.P Landon Evans :wink: mean?

You mean you didn’t hear the horrible news about Landon?


He drank so much alcohol that he fell unconcious, his mates stripped him and tied him to a tree. He was having a dream about his girlfriend (which he aims to propose to) when he woke up to a dog licking his nuts. He was then busted for beastiality.

:slight_smile: I ate like a champ, drank water like a champ, and still ended up feeling like shit :slight_smile: Oh well, all is well. The B-Day was a good time. After the 151, Jose, Minderaser, Jack, and Three WiseMen shots … all the others didn’t matter.

SO yah … I’m still alive and kick’n. Thanks for the concern and advice guys ! :slight_smile:

Glad you made it. Word from experience on both sides of the bar. Forget shots. They are the quickest way to a fight, a breakup, a huge tab, an arrest, embarrassing behavior, blackouts, coyote ugly rendesvous. If you have someone that claims "slam it, (usually you will here the label of the intellectual, dude) slam it DUDE, you can’t taste the booze. #1, if it is so vial that you don’t want to taste it, why the hell drink it. #2, With the variable amounts of alcohol in shots, you cannot monitor what you’ve drank. Save your money and your image and stick to A drink of choice, not many. it’ll keep you from saying dude and saying woooooooooo to everything, and might keep you out of jail. Happy B-Day.