Getting ready for spring break!

Have set myself a target of spring next year to put on as much quality lean mass as possible. I have just finished the fat fast, and am now in the single digits BF @ 190lbs after 2yrs of training. I’ve found that I dont react too well to carbs, so am going to go on ‘massive eating’ along with androsol & Tribex, grow, surge and the GVT2000 routine, then switch to the 1-6 principle and take powerdrive, and maybe creatine/riboseC. Then take a week off, and try the 20rep squat routine/HIT for another month. The dieting side will be fairly straightforward, but any thoughts on this routine/supp’s would be appreciated. Have found that the complete change of routine seems to make pack on size, and these seem pretty diverse with a mix of hypertrophy and strength. Equipment wise I have a power rack, free weights, adj. dumbbells and a pull up station. I live in the UK so my target is to ‘peak’ for these weeks, packing on as much size as poss by christmas, and diet down after then. Have wanted to go stateside for this week for ages after seeing it on a documentary here, Ive heard that this week is ‘fun’! Cheers.

The only change I’d make is to drop the week off before going into the HIT phase. After a volume type routine, going into the HIT phase will give your more rest breaks than you’re accustomed to, so it’ll seem like time off.

It all seems to be inorder - perhaps you should try adding some ‘juice’ to speed things up a little…The chicks wont dig no skinny man on the beach! :wink: