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Getting Ready for My First Competition


Hey guys, Just wanted to put it out there that I am going to be doing my first weightlifting comp on Feb 18th. I am 31 and plan on competing @ 85kg I am about 88 right now. I will be trying to match my gym pr's 107/132. just wondering how likely is it to hit your pr's in your first meet? When I competed in powerlifting I would set pr's at almost every meet I went to, of course I was about 13 years younger back then. Any tips from guys who compete about meet day would be pretty helpful. Thanks.


Find a ''helper'' your coach, lifting partner etc. This will make things alot easier if you have someone who has competed before and knows whats what. Someone to call your weights, calm you etc.

Try not to be too nervous and best of luck.


When was the last time you dropped 3kgs? Remember also that your scales probably won't be accurate and you will be heavier on them, then on competition grade scales.

As long as the weight drop isn't too bad you should be able to hit the same weights if not a bit more with the crowd and everything else.

Good luck and smash it!



This. If you've got someone to make sure you're on time running through your warmups and making sure your attempts are called properly, it really makes your life so much easier. Never really competed without somebody doing that for me.

Unless you have a little experience making weight (did you have to cut much when you were powerlifting?) I wouldn't worry about making a particular weight class. Just compete at whatever weight you're walking around at and get the experience on the platform. It really is a different environment stepping onto the platform with the clock running in front of a crowd (however small it may be). But you probably already know that via powerlifting competition. But making weight and then rehydrating is just one less thing you'd have to worry about, especially if you can't find a helper and wind up running your own warmups and such.

As far as hitting PRs, my first o-lifting meet I went 6/6 and popped a couple PRs, so it can be done, haha.


I just did some snatches yestaerday, did 95 kg evry minute on the minute for 20 minutes then hit 105 on the 22nd minute which is 2 kg off my pr. My question for you guys is, do you ever do singles on the minute or every so many minutes or do just go when you feel good. I find that when my rest time is shorter (less than 2 minutes) my CNS stays activated. I am a little worried about the length of rest between attemps at the meet, how do you stay warm if you have a long break between attempts?


Depends how long the break is. I'm fine. If it's like 8mins you can go take a lighter weight in the warm up area.



Never really done singles on the minute. I'm borderline fat and kind of lazy so I like my rest time haha. I'm normally taking about 5 minutes rest when I'm up around limit weights. Sometimes I feel good to go before that 5 minutes is up, but I think your CNS takes longer to recover from a set than your muscles do, so I make sure to take that extra time. Think it helps, for me at least.

Like Koing said, if it's an exceptionally long break (running on 8 minutes or so) you can head back to the warmup platform and hit a light weight again. As an example, the one time I've actually had to do this, I was moving from 120-125, and there were a ton of lifters in between, I wound up powering a 90 again before going out for the 125. Besides that, have a towel or a hoodie or something covering your head/legs between attempts if you feel you need it.