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Getting Ready for a Squat Only Comp


The weightlifting club at my uni is holding a squat only competition in 39 days. I just found out about this so I was wondering what kind of prep work I could do. I work out on a 3 way body part split with high reps. Im sitting at 185 and can rep out 315 for 18-20, no bullshit. (Ive been working on high reps for squat mostly.

I was thinking maybe I could take the squat work out of this Shieko 5 week comp program
and just throw it in on my leg day and keep the lower back rested by taking out the heavy hamstring work.

Would this be an effective method for peaking? If not could you offer some advice please.


Do you want to continue to improve all your other lifts for this competition as well? or do you just want to focus on the squat for now? I have used the russian squat program with some success before (it takes 6 weeks but you can probably cut out some workouts). Also, there's a smolov experience thread somewhere on here which you could look in to (i've never done that one though).
The 5 week Sheiko would be good if you want to continue to improve all lifts though you might be able to improve your squat a bit more if you didn't do that much deadlifting.


Well I just found out that the bench competition is the day before the squat comp so I'd like to concentrate on just those lifts. So I might just run the Sheiko how would you suggest I modify it to accomidate mainly those two lifts.

Also would it be worth cutting a few (5-6) pounds to get down into the 166-179 weight range? I can drop 4 lbs of water weight in a day more probaly if I flushed with water intake. Would that make a huge difference if I didnt eat carbs for a day and a half then had some carbs after the weigh-in. Or am I over thinking it? Ill be testing my one rep maxes later today so I'll have some sort of poundage to look at.


Squat squat squat. At least 3 times a week. Mix in front squats, safety squat bar squats, bottom-up squats. Do more low rep work, 3-5 reps, high rep squats aint helpin your 1RM much.

On the water thing, Id say dont do it if its your first time ever cutting water & carb weight, you might make yourself feel like crap for the comp if youre not used to it. Then again 5-6 pounds isnt much. Maybe try out cutting a few weeks before the comp just to see how it feels, then decide if you want to do it again at comp time.


Do the smolov base cycle, shit will whip your ass into tip top squattin shape.