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Getting Proper Fat into my Diet

Hey all

I’ve been using Udo’s Choice as my fat supp the last few months after my Flameout got stuck in customs (don’t ask). I’ve been reading about the “wonders” of Fish Oil, and I had a few questions.

  1. Would it benefit me to add Fish Oil to my diet, even if I’m already taking Udo’s Choice? (I don’t eat any fish at all btw).

  2. What’s the deal with Seal Oil? I can get it pretty cheap, and it’s easy to get ahold of where I live. The site where you can buy it claimed numerous studies show that Seal Oil is superior to Fish Oil in many ways. Is this true?

Thanks for any replies,

isn’t Udo’s choice a 3/6/9 supplement ? you don’t need to supplement with omega-6

even if Udo’s does have EPA+DHA i would still take a separate high dose fish oil

I like Carlson’s orange flavored fish oil from vitacost.com. Carlson’s is great quality- it tastes decent and vitacost sells it cheap and they have great customer service. BTW- skip the Udo’s- iI think cyph31 is right- it’s a 3/6/9. You are most likely getting enough o-6 if you use evoo. Start drinking the fish oil.