Getting Pregnant

Well, not me…my wife. I’ve been on TRT for a couple of years now (120mg test cyp/wk, divided doses on Monday/Thursday SQ, 250iu HCG on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday, and RC arimidex).

Will we have any trouble conceiving? I’m in my late 30s, and have a child from before I started the TRT. I’d like to think that with the HCG I’m still producing sperm, as my testicles are still what I would call “full”. The only difference in my ejaculate is that is a bit “thicker” than it was before I started TRT. Should I imcrease my HCG amount, to say 500iu?

KSMAN - thoughts?

You can get a sperm count and know.

If you need more sperm, take a SERM, Nolvadex not Clomid please, and stop hCG. This should lead to LH+FSH and FSH is what you need if sperm counts are lower.

If sperm count is low, 500iu hCG may not fix that.

Suggest that you avoid hCG+SERM. Combined hCG+LH may lead to high E2

Is SERM working? Check with LH+FSH labs

Good luck ;}

Thanks for the advice KSM. I guess that would be a first thing to check to know if I need to do anything different instead of just throwing more chems at the situation.