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Getting Pissed Off in the Gym


Have you ever gotten pissed off in the gym? Happens to me every once in a while but for some reason I got really pissed today. I've been trying to move my DL from the 365 range to the 405 range and I just don't know what I'm doing wrong. I've been eating a surplus and have gained about 5 pounds in the past 2 months, but all my lifts are about the same.

I got in today and did 135 x 10, 225 x 10, 315 x 5, and then onto my working sets, which I was going to do 365: 4 or 5 sets, trying to hit 25 total reps. I went to my first rep and the weight felt really heavy, and I just knew I wasn't going to hit 25. I did 5 reps then left the gym. I've been stuck at this weight for almost 4 months now. Two or three sessions ago I did 365 x 8 on my first set, and this time I could barely hit 5. Maybe I should just quit deadlifting.


How many times do you deadlift in a week?


IMO, that is too many reps for DL. Decrease the reps and increase the weight. If that is your goal, than, Go 3X3 and then 3X1. Don't know what you're training for, but this should help if you are shooting for a 1 rep max. Or follow the Bill Starr 5X5 plan.

Good luck.


Once a week. The only thing I can figure that would have thrown me off is the fact that I did Kroc rows 3 days ago. 110 x 30


Well my goal is hypertrophy but I know you need to move more weight to gain more muscle...


There might be other problems involved but usually when I completely stall out on an exercise like that, I drop it and replace it with something similar. In the case of deadlift I would switch to T-Bar rows. Both are back thickness exercises and benefit each other. Sometimes no matter how hard you try you can't break through a plateau and just need to switch things up.

Like I said you might have some form, mobility, or structural issues that need to be addressed, but if I were you I would drop the deadlift and replace it with T-Bars for a month or so, especially if doing deadlift is just frustrating you and making you lose motivation in the gym.


Don't go over five reps. Lower that shit and voila.


Holy Volume Batman!

Cut that warm up down to like 6 reps per set, not 10. MAYBE add a second set of the 135 @ 6 reps. See how that goes.


If your goal is hypertrophy then why are you shooting for 25 reps? That's more like strength endurance.


Really? I thought 25 reps would be good for hypertrophy...


Hmmm... I guess I could try that.


If you like deadlifting from the floor that much and really want to increase it. Why not incorporate more stiff legged deadlifts for higher reps and add in more rack deadlifts to get you used to heavier loads. Keep doing your kroc rows and progressing in those. Then later after a bit come back to deadlifts. I guarantee if you progress on sldl, rows, rack deadlifts substantially. You'll come back to floor deadlifts strong as fuck.


6-8 reps is ideal for hypertrophy anything lower is strength anything higher is endurance. So really you may not be stalling on deads as long as your increasing the reps with the same weight or increasing the weight you will curb plateauing.


I usually break through deadlift plateaus with stupid amounts of rack pulls, work from a deficit for a few weeks, and focus on nailing form.


I think that's what I'll do. It's frustrating the hell out of me and it just isn't worth it. Also, I didn't mention that I hurt my back pretty bad about a year ago doing deadlifts. Ever since then I have been pretty apprehensive about going heavy. Whenever I struggle for a rep I always stop there and don't do another one.


Hmmm... I know that is hypertrophy rep range but I thought with deads you wanted to keep the reps lower...


I've done the SLDL thing and it hasn't helped much. I think I'll just switch to rack pulls for a while. Unfortunately my lame ass gym's DBs only go up to 110, so I think I might just start doing T-Bar rows


You have it now lol


One thing you could try is not leaving when you get pissed. I go to the gym and work myself in to such an angry frenzy that it takes all my willpower to not bash my face into the mirrors, and then bash the face of the closest person to me into the mirrors, all while yelling as loud as possible. Instead I just channel that anger into my lifts, I lift a helluva lot more weight a lot more times, and make a lot more progress doing it. Aside from those benefits I always leave the gym in a great, yet exhausted, mood because I vented any anger I may have had left in me.
Just don't be a douche and actually start yelling unnecessarily.


A sudden stall like that sounds like a motivation problem to me. If your apprehensive about DL-ing then your gonna suck at it anyway. Call yourself one bad mfer and rock that sh!t. Or just wait till a pretty girl walks by. Works for me haha