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Getting Past My Plateau


hey...first let me introduce myself...

my names zach im 16 i live in the high desert of california.

i have been lifting for about 2 years, gone through many many different training methods and gotten good gains in all my lifts and muscles. i have pretty good definition in my chest,shoulders,arms,and back. but i feel i have hit a plateau in my training.

right now my training consists of:

5-6 days a week of intense cardio work (usually using 5 exercises tabata style, high numbers of bodyweight exercises done in circuits with no rest)

3-4 days weight lifting ( i usually shoot for the 8-12 rep range, taking no more than 45 seconds of rest between sets)

i am trying to lean out more, but it seems like no matter how hard i work i cannot get past this plateau. i have lost tons of fat from when i was younger, i am not sure about the numbers but you can definately see it when you look at pictures.

right now i am in the process of experimenting with the warrior diet, basically out of desperation because no other diets have worked for me.

can anybody make any suggestions towards getting past this plateau and continuing to lose fat from my body?


eat less... it really is that simple

Burn more calories then you take in and you will lose weight. Sounds like your really over doing the cardio and even almost turning your weight training into more cardio....

First pick a program from this site that has you lifting heavy weights with lower reps and longer rest periods.

Second keep a food log and log how many calories you take in a day and figure out what you need to do from there. Might want to go back to slightly higher calories for awhile and hope to get back a normal matabolism, as with dieting and doing cardio 5 days a week I wouldnt be at all suprised if yours is crashed.


If you're experimenting with the warrior diet, I'm not sure that 'eat less' is good advice. Perhaps 'eat consistently well' - lots of resources here for that.

If you post some info about your recent eating habits I think more help can be offered.

Unless you have freakishly fast recovery, I'd definitely agree that you are overdoing it on the tabata/cardio.


my most recent eating habits have been....eating clean for awhile....then i decided to try the paleo diet of meat nuts fruit and vegetables.....that didnt work out because of the lack of carbs, i had no energy to workout.....so i added dairy and beans back in then recently decided to go on the warrior diet....i did that for a week before reading about the velocity diet which i have now been doing for 2 days


i dont think the Velocity Diet is a good idea for a 16 year old... your body is still growing and needs as many nutrients as possible from whole food groups.

I suggest you take a few days to reorganise your training and your goals. Choose a good weights program from this website (Chad Waterbury, CT.. they all have solid programs) and also plan out a diet that you will stick to that includes whole food groups.

In terms of cardio i would suggest that you do some HIIT sprints or cycling. I think you are doing too much at the moment and as someone alluded to above you have probably reeked havoc on your metabolism. The Velocity Diet will just slow it down even more. You need to do some heavy weights, HIIT cardio and eat clean whole foods so bounce your metabolism back up to normal, then the fat should fall off.



When i was sixteen i didnt care what i ate, i still didnt even care what i looked like...But in your case i believe for me anyway the best way to lose b/f is to firstly cut out the following...

  1. Bread
  2. fruit juices
  3. Flour
  4. fruit
  5. processed food
  6. Junk food

Eat more meats, low carb protein powder, low sugar, vegetables, salad, fish oil and other essential oils. And for your carb choices eat rice and potatoes.

And follow the p+f and p+c diet alternating between those meals for 6-8 meals per day.

it worked for me and I did the 5x5 programme by charles poliquin.

no cardio just good olde diet, oh i walked the dog 15 minutes a day in the morning on empty stomach if ya wanna count that.