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Getting Over Shock


Any tips? I nearly cut my little finger off earlier with a hunting knife, and after getting it dressed and sorted I tried to get back to work but started feeling really tired, cold and sick, so I've come home. I feel fucking horrible, but its not bad enough to go to the docs.

So any tips to get me training asap? I've been told all kinds of different things I should be eating/drinking to sort myself out, anyone know anything that might actually work?


If you feel that sick that you can't work, and say that you "feel fucking horrible", then YOU NEED TO GO SEE A DOCTOR.



I am Orion and I approve of this message.


All in favor of advice: "Go see a doctor." say "I".



These doctors can't believe that you're even asking such a fucking retarded question......

They're very disappointed in you.


How earlier is "earlier"


where on the finger did you cut it...past what joint...past the nail?


He's unable to reply because he just passed out.


Did you die?


Take some advice from the best.


In 8th grade I cut the very tip of my thumb off in a paper cutter but was too embarrassed to tell anyone.


Lie down with your legs elevated.

Thats what my trusty First Aid training says.


Best advice I have for you:

Don't be a pussy.


In 7th grade I brought the blade down from a paper cutter on my little finger. The blade broke.


But you can still tell the whole world on the internet right?

Well in that case, I can suck my own dick.


And I'm banging the chick in your avatar.


So we're clear, shock is when your cells do not get enough blood (perfusion) which causes organ failure.
Shock is [ life threatening. Untreated, it can end in death.
I don't know if you had shock because it's pretty serious. If you bled alot, and stopped the bleeding, then it could be that. If it's still bleeding, go see a doctor.
Unless you're talking about being shocked that you almost cut your finger off.

Your finger might have gotten infected or maybe you lost too much blood.

Not many of us here are doctors (i'm not) and even then, it's just internet advice.
Go see a doctor.
I say Aye.


I don't get it. Are you implying that I'm being dishonest?


No, I just thought we were sharing secrets.