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Getting Out of the Rat Race


Has anyone ever got tired of the day to day bullshit we do everyday and moved to another location? I want to go to Australia, but I think it can apply to any place.

I would be moving blind, but was curious if anyone had ever moved someone they had never been and if you did how did it turn out.


Anyone in the military has done this. It worked out because I had a plan. You don't. I knew where I was stationed and simply had to buy transportation when I got there and find an apartment. You don't know the economy and have no job lined up.

Your way = FAIL.


I'm in the midst of a career change and that indeed was a large reason for it. (Well, that and not being comfortable with the prospect of waking up in my mid-40's and realizing that all I'd really accomplished was chasing money)

As for moving blind, there's only one city I can think of people pulling that off successfully: Vegas


Not to get all Dr. Phil on you... but sounds like a geographic fantasy to me.

Moving doesn't fix problems. Wherever you go, there you are.

just sayin.


I up'd and did this 10 years ago. Albiet only a province away. But no job lined up, no place set to live. Stayed in a hostel for a few weeks, then found a job and place to live while living of money I brought with me which was about $1500.
In hindsight it was pretty stupid. But it worked out and I'm much happier.

But moving a continent away...I hope those savings are more like $5000 before you board the flight with a work Visa on hand (or whatever they use there).


Sell house.
Move to mexico or some third world country.
Live like a king for 3 years until money runs out


This! Very much so!!


I'm sorry underpants gnomes but I'm going to actually solve this one:

Sell house.
Move to mexico or some third world country.
Live like a king for 3 years until money runs out
(already be happy with self)

There. Yes in that case this will work.


When I moved to Maine, I had just gotten out of graduate school (Geology/Geophysics) in New Mexico and just turned down what would have been a rat-race, but lucrative career with Exxon, who paid for my thesis.

Knowing I didn't want to go back to NJ, I got online (this is mid/late 90's btw) found some phone listings in Maine for Land Surveyors (which is how I had previously paid for college/rent) and found a small company that was hiring.

Drove to NJ, dropped off the wife and dogs at her parents, droove up to Maine and interviewed. Got the job on the spot. Couldn't find a place to rent right away, so I lived in a tent for 3 weeks (no big deal, I had just spent the past 6 years in a tent in college).

Finally found a place and moved moved the wife and dogs up.

I wouldn't recommend doing it that way unless you have some marketable skill that will get you income, or you're not worried about income (ie. trust fund or inheritence baby) and can chew up a year or two wandering.

Now I have 3 kids, and I wouldn't do it that way again, but I also wouldn't trade the experience for anything.


If you still have a job....keep it!


Try getting out of the rat race while staying in your current location? I've been consciously trying to make my like more simple lately. I had a head start relative to some people though, i'm fairly simple already. :slightly_smiling:

Dan John posted this like in another forum.


Ironically, its probably the best advice i read for him.:slightly_smiling:

The same guy also has this site. Some of it is over the top though.



Drugs are a good temporary reprieve. You can get blown the hell out and be standing in your own living room not knowing where in the world you are.

Just don't leave your house wearing clothes and come to naked somewhere else unless you like mystery and intrigue too.


And we are sure are glad you didn't come back to NJ. Bitch.

But yea, I agree with this.

If you're having a mid-life crisis, you're about 25 percent too far along in life to do anything about it unless, as Steely said, you've got a marketable skill that can earn you money.


I'll be down there this week makin' money off your electric bill, bitch!


Best Post


I did it once, and I wasn't in the military. Right after 9-11, I moved 1,200 miles down the East coast, with no job lined up beforehand or anything. It wasn't entirely my decision (family presssures), but it happened. And it worked out OK.

I'm preparing to do something like this again, but for very different reasons. But this time I won't fly blind. I'm making sure to have my ducks in a row BEFORE the big move.

Rat race or not, you're going to need a job when you get there, so your time is best spent first identify what your skills are and how you can use them in your intended new country. Secondly, spend a lot of time identifying opportunities to use those skills where you intend to go. Fortunately, the Interwebz makes this a lot simpler than it used to be.

And remember, if you can't find a job... Sometimes it's best to create one for yourself. The only probem with that is that going into busienss for yourself usually means working HARDER than before. So you may get out of one type of rat race only to find yourself in a different one. But at least the only boss breathing down your neck will be yourself. And if you're good, you'll turn out to be a pretty tough boss on yourself.


I guess it's a different time now...

but my dad immigrated to Canada in the early 70's without a job lined up and was able to find one shortly after. But he did have a masters in Chemistry.


FTR, I don't think wanting to move somewhere new means you're trying to run away from your problems... I've always wanted to work abroad in the US to see what would it be like to live outside of Ontario.


When I was 21 I moved from PA to WY with no plan. Turned out pretty good for me.


Oh, we can tell...what with all of that info about how it worked plastered all over your post.

You make how much now?

You work where?

You stayed in your car when you first moved?