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Getting Out of Boxing and Into MMA


As the title says, while my love and passion is still in boxing, I have a fire to compete in MMA.

The solution may seem obvious at first, but it's not so simple for me.

As I've been fighting under the same gym for almost over 2 years now, I guess I feel a sense of belonging or obligation to my coach and the other fighters there. Normally this would be as simple as going thanks and goodbye, but I wish to continue training my boxing there, the problem with this is, my coach is old school as fuck, and like the other fighters there, they all regard MMA as "dogfighting" or other less than endearing terms.

Also I won't be competing for them anymore, I doubt I'll get the same level of training I did while I was competing.

Help me out Combat forum, what should I do? Should I just man the fuck up and do what I need to do, or is there a more graceful way out of this?


Sorry Aussie Davo, there is no graceful way out of this with an old school coach. You are a traitor in his eyes. I know this because I had an old school coach that taught me how to box, and when I got into Muay Thai, he thought the Muay Thai stance fucked up my boxing stance. So he didn't think I was committed to training in the sweet science anymore.

And when you mean you won't be competitive with them anymore, I take it that you won't be "flying their colors" in competition? So if you aren't representing their gym, I strongly believe they'll put you on the backburner. Why would he put in the same amount of time and effort with someone who isn't with him 100%.

In the end, you should do what you want to do, and in the words of Dallas Cowboy WR Michael Irvin, "PERIOD"


learn jitz at another place....they cant hate on you for going for something they cant offer. Stick with your boxing gym though. You dont have to join an MMA gym to be an MMA fighter.


The fact that my instructor was "old-school" like that and didn't want me to cross-train has made me quit quite a few clubs. I haven't found a graceful way to do it yet though. Sorry I can't be of more help. :confused:


The boxing is different from the standup fighting in MMA. The distance is different due to kicks and many other such issues. There's obviously a lot of stuff that is still useful, but a lot of it would not work for MMA. If he is serious about training for MMA he should join an MMA gym.


Follow what you want to. Tell him straight up. However he reacts, he reacts. There's not much you can do...


tell them to grow up.... i hate crap like this. people have new interests, better opportunites, etc... and they call you a sell-out, or whatever.

if you wanna compete in MMA, then i say do it. you don't owe them anything if they don't want to support you....


I'd say go for it, go for the fights you want to do.
Be open about it and try to part ways without having sorry feelings from your side.
I understand the feelings of your old skool coach, but sometimes you got to make a hard decision and choose what is best for you.

You should not be limited due to someone else's opinion.