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Getting Optimal Dosage for Higher Test

My currently protocol of 105mg test e (weekly total) and 100UI ED HCG puts me at around 779ng/dl.

I feel good and have some symptom resolution but want to see if things are better at a higher dose.

I want to get to around 950ng/dl - would 130mg per week do this? Would wait for 6 weeks and see how I feel to evaluate results.


Symptoms are better now that my level is higher it was around 400 when I started. I was just wondering if I would continue to feel even better with a higher dose.

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Hmm I’ve heard from Dr’s on podcasts to Keep increasing TRT dose by 10mg per week until good libido + morning wood.

That’s solid advice and I agree with it. It’s a small enough move to not be dramatic but not to little where a difference won’t be noticed.

Unless your levels are way off target, 10mg increases is good a practice.

Ok will try this then. 6 weeks a good time to wait between 10mg you think? Should be stabilised by then

I agree with this, but I do have a question for the OP…,

What is your Free T and SHGB?

Free t was good 0.59nmol/l (double what it was before TRT)

SHBG at 32

Ok cool. That’s about 17 ng/dL so you’ve got a little room to go up for sure, providing that this reading is after you’ve been on the current dose for at least 6-8 weeks. If so, I would agree that moving up 10mg per week in 6 week intervals would be a very smart way to increase.

Keep a sharp eye on your E2 as the HCG is notorious for bringing that higher, especially when you start pushing the higher end of Free T. You may need to lower that dosage or drop it all together until you get the test dialed in where you want it.

I am just using HCG for fertility maintenance. My prolactin has been slightly elevated so I am also then going to get to the bottom of that.

You can always throw it back in when / if you decide to USE that fertility (it will come back), but if that’s not the active plan at this moment, it could be just another unneeded complication in trying to get your body dialed in.