Getting Online With My PSP

I just recently purchased the psp. I dont have a router. Is there another way of getting on the online browser? If i cant, how do i get things transfered from my computer to my psp. like pics, walpaper, demos, stuff like that? I have a memory card. and maybe a usb cable that might fit thats for my camera somewhere.

use a usb cable to connect to your pc and you can download music and pics to your psp. If you want to download movies or video to your psp. you need a conversion program to get the video on psp.

Go to google and type in 3gp converter and it should give you an address to download the software for free.

As for getting online, unless you are playing multiplayer games its a waste of time with the psp. it takes a year and a day to surf the web.

Thanks. I cant find my usb cable anywhere. Is there anyway to use the memory card? for pics and stuff.

you can put pics, and music on the memory stick. I would suggest getting a 2 gig memory stick. that should tide you over for most of the things you want to do.