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Getting On the Gains Train (Log)


Starting monday Im starting 2nd cycle (first blast since starting trt)

450mg Sust 250 1-12 weeks
450mg Tri-Tren 150 1-12 weeks

will run adex at 0.25 and ajust as needed, i have nolva left over from last cycle and have some caber and research chem's on the way

Pinning 150mg of both eod. I was planing on running sust+tren+drol but opted out of the drol because this is my first go around with tren and my source told me that this blend of tren is not for the newbie (regardless im a big boy and i will push through the sides)

Weight as of this morning is 104kg / 5,10" / 13-14% bf (still got abs but pretty fluffy at the moment)

Goals are to gain hulk sized mass i am sick of people questioning me about steroids and i want it to be blatantly obvious that i am.

Diet: eating about 3200 cal at the moment will stay there for a few weeks and then up it once things get rolling I dont have set meal plans however i do weigh ALL! my food, i consider myself pretty good at flexible dieting i can look at a plate and pretty accurately know what macros are there. I eat your typical clean foods skinless chicken breast, pork loin (no fat) lean beef, salmon, tuna, fish, white and brown rice, whole grain pasta egg whites and always chuck a whole egg in as well steamed broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, beans, lentils and so forth.

Suppliments: i use a preworkout most days with about 3g of carnitine, post workout shake Whey Isolate, maltodextrin, glutamine, and creatine, i also have the same shake as soon as i wake up every morning followed by breakfast about 30-40 mins after.

Workout: Monday - Back/Biceps
Tuesday - Chest/Triceps
Wednesday - Legs/Shoulders
Thursday - Cardio/Abs
Friday - Back/Biceps
Saturday - Chest Triceps
Sunday - Legs/Shoulders

This is new split for me has been working great.


Feel free to chime in on advice/ experiance's id love to hear from someone who has used a blend of tren like this mostly only hear about tren a/tren e


LOL!!! I like this!

Will be following.


If that doesn't pump someone up, lol
You should have a pic log for this cycle


Yeah ill def be uploading some pics in the next week or so then ill try keep the log updated with training and pics every couple weeks


goes without saying that I'll be following this.


Have fun riding the Tren Train! Tren has been what I always thought AAS was all about. Feel a bit wacky, but the gains are just so noticeable. Keep your carbs low in the evening and you shouldn't sweat as much at night. I find higher tren/lower test works better for me, but everyone seems to have a different sweet spot. Enjoy.


So i was a little bit late picking up the last of my gear so today was my start day.

Pinned left quad this arvo my arms grew another 5 " I imediatly lost all my hair, my dick fell off and later when my wife comes home im gonna beat her ass aha.

Not alot to log yet, today is my rest day so no workout to log.

Meal 1: 1 cup of egg whites with 1 whole egg, half a cup (uncooked) of rolled oats cooked in water, 30g maltodextrin 5g glutamine, scoop of whey and 3 g l carnitine

Meal 2: 1 banana half a cup of raw almonds 100g chicken breast and a cup of mixed steamed veggies (carrots peas broccoli)

Meal 3: 1 cup of brown rice 120g of chicken breast, cup of egg whites

Meal 4: (Pre w/o meal 1.5 hour before gym) 100g frozen mixed berries 200g of muesli scoop of whey (blend that shit up and its like icecream) pre workout drink

Meal 4: (post w/o) scoop of whey isolate, 30g maltodextrin, 5 g creatine mono, 3 g l carnitine, 5 g l glutamine.

Meal 5: (1 Hour after gym) half a cup of white rice, 2 tins of tuna

Meal 6: (this is what im having for dinner tonight) porterhouse steaks (Roughly 200g), steamed broccoli, cauliflower, sugar snap peas, carrot and some corn on the cob.

everything is cooked in the oven or in a pan with organic coconut oil all veggies are organic and so is most of the meat i eat (missus is a health freak)

I will try get some measurements or photos done this weekend so i can gauge my progress

tomoro im hitting Back and Bi's



Pics dude! I'm pumped about this thread and you're leaving us hanging, lol


HA I like your style bro Im doing same thing now... Just trying to get huge on cycle..So far the hardest part is eating all the cals and not jerking off so much


Yeah sorry lads been slack with this, I have been pretty sick last few days almost went to hospital didn't eat anything or drink anything or even get out of bed on monday going to try get into the gym today and train back ill have photos uploaded soon just bare with me while I come back from the dead


Shitty! I freakin hate getting sick on cycle. I have a respiratory infection that seems on and off. It does affect me somewhat but not enough to keep me away from the gym
I'm constantly worried it's going to get really bad tho
Get better man


I've low T my whole life..so when I'm blasting I LUV it :slight_smile:
I jerked off 3 times the other day and managed to stay rock hard when my GF gave me a blowjob. It took forever to cum and my volume was very little but I'm not 'bout to complain..DEF not gonna complain about her amazing idea to use frozen raspberries as a special treat


Did you have flu like symptoms?

I've seen other people post they experience this near the beginning of cycle and I myself have too. Could be the body isnt used to the volume of oil/BA being introduced into your system and causes an inflammatory response. I honestly felt like I was gonna die for 6 days. From now on no full dosages at beginning of cycle for me lol introduce gear gradually and increase to desired dose over a couple weeks.


Test flu always happens 1st week me too. Just hydrate and power through it burn a off day or 2...vitamin c...it will pass.
yeah tool man same here cycle boners are crazy..I get wood just loo. ng at half ass bitches in grocery store. 3x a day is normal while on plus as many times as I can cram it in my ol lady :slight_smile: thank the gods for pornhub


Nah not test flu I have had tonsillitis and a virus I caught off my son, my whole family have been sick. I'll tell you what there is nothing harder then looking after a 2 yr old and 6month old teething baby while both mum and dad are crook.


So its been a week today not really noticing anything major I'm not sure if its a placebo or the tren ace is working already but I seem to be getting stronger already, I have upped weight on everything this week which is weird since I have been sick and not eating too much. I also seem to be sweating a lot more even when I'm not doing anything that could be due to the fact that summer is starting in Australia. anyway weight is still the same, I have upped my carbs equal with protein and still keeping fats fairly low. sorry for the shitty log so far once things pick up I will get better at this lol


Are you doing plan with peridontization? If so tracking strength gains is much easier. I ran 5/3/1 on blast b4 strength gains were insane but size was ok.
Do u count cals? I aim for 20x bw in cals 2g per lb protien 2g per lb carbs the rest fat..Im on week 3 of my cycle and seem to be gaining about 1.5lbs per week


Day 11
No sides besides sweating alot more not even sure if that is from the drugs.
This cycle was initially spose to be a bulk for nabba in march next year but I have decided to not enter the nabba since my first pl meet few weeks ago I have completely lost my passion for bodybuilding I absolutely hate comp prep and I am really loving and enjoying the whole scene and environment in the powerlifting community in my city not to mention moving heavy weights is fuckin badass.

So I have changed my workouts to suit more strength gains then anything. Weight is up about a 2kgs muscles feel harder and vascularity seems to be comming out a bit more. Anyone tell me how long till you normaly start seeing strength gains from tren?

Thehebrewhero: Yeah I am doing 5/3/1 pretty much calorie intake is the same as what you listed there.


Forgot to mention next meet is in January next year I am considering adding dbol or drol at the end of cycle comming into the meet
Anyone got a good protocol to follow for this?