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Getting Older, Need Workout Snack


I've been lifting for most of my life even incorpated some power lifting for size and strenth(no drugs) and i got it well now i have to slack off becouse my heart has thickened walls witch hurt when i get upset (scary) and I am now hyperglycemic. I will keep lifting!!! but now when eat i have to eat during work out. question is i need ideas for a good snack that wont slow me down.....thanks


If you're hyperglycemic, why do you need a snack? If you're hypoglycemic, you might try Surge during workout.


Try 16 oz water, 16 oz fruit juice, 1 serving (@20 g of protien) whey. You can lose the water if you like and go straight juice and whey, but I find I want to drink something thinner during a workout. Also- Gatorade.


Good options.


thanks sounds good combatmedic, i will try that