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Getting Old

For those of you who have been following Ian King’s article’s since the start (1999) and have been to some of his seminars, does it seem like his attitude is getting old? His whole me against the world, don’t follow the crowd, cannot emotionally handle it routine.
I highly respect his knowledge, he is an incredible coach. However, its getting old reading the same stuff about how the crowd does so and so, I do the exact opposite, and if we all did the same we might not emotionally handle it etc. Look, the guy writes great articles, and I am not knocking the info, just the way the message is told again and again and again. This applies only if you have been reading his stuff for several years, look at his old stuff and see what you think. You will see what I am getting at. Keep writing, just give us a break on the whole me against the world thing for once…