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Getting Old, So I Need to Write Stuff Down


I have never kept a log for very long, but I find I am in need of a place to keep track of things.

Some of you have seen my post here and there but a little info: 54 yrs old, 195 lbs. Spent a long time in the body building side of things. Did my last show this past June, and promised the wife no more. The contest diet, turns my mildly grumpy self, into a full blown butthead.

I've turned to powerlifting and am having a blast. Did 2 meets this past November and met the infamous Maurader Meat...it's always good when guys that strong are nice guys.

In the process of training for a meet mid-March. Normal stuff, except for a little twist. I'm in the middle of being tested, to donate a kidney to a friend. I spent all day yesterday at UNC hospital, and so far all things are a go.

The one thing I am worried about...time off from lifting. Atleast 3 months. So the plan is, hard training, compete in March, then go on the shelf for awhile....I worry about getting back to where I'm at now. If I was younger wouldnt think twice about it.

A little long winded, this is why I needed to write it down. I have friends, but very few who understand why I love lifting.

Heavy lower body Wendsday. Squats, 205x8x2, 245x6x1, 295x5x1, 335x3x3, 385x2x1, 405x1x1

                        Deads,  185x5x1,  225x5x1, 315x3x1,  355x1x8

                        glute ham raises  3x10 holding a 10 lb plate.


Goals for the meet in March, what i would call an ideal result. 450 squat, 360 bench, 500 dead. Hit a 420, 345,460 in Nov. so i think those numbers are realistic.

I'm one of the few humans on the planet not doing 531, following more of a westside, but anyone looking closely would call me on that.


well you certainly are a dam good friend!! Take solace in that, a good friend is hard to find and very .
important. You are also going by what you are lifting a strong dude.

I had lifted weights from 11 to 19 , 20 years old. Joined the service and didn't really touch them till i was 49 , I had just had colon surgery, resection and my wife said." you look emaciated". well that was it. I started lifting again. But i was a stupid lifter. In Youth i was athletic and trained all the time. Most of it was bodybuilding except for doing the olympic clean and jerk and press ok... Never got into the snatch and never had anyone teach me. THere was a detective who was into lifting heavy and I copied him in terms of breathing and the way he did the clean and jerk and press. But I wouldn't be doing those lifts all the time it was bodybuilding that i was doing.

Anyway ruptured a disc in 1997 a year after the colon surgery. then I recuperated and lifted carefully, but still stupidly except now I wasn't doing any lifting off the floor. In 2005 I need a quadruple cardiac surgery and the recover from that was like 3 months before I got the ok to lift, then got into it slowly..
anyway I do think you will be ok... Your a strong dude and if your mobility and soft tissue work is kept up you will come back.

Sorry I went into all that shit just to say You will be fine!! You will be fine as long as this is what you want.
again you are a great friend!


Welcome. I'm also doing more of a Westside approach. Your expected meet numbers are along the lines of what I'm shooting for in the coming months.
I'll be following closely.

edit: except bench. Hopefully that will happen sometime this decade.


looking forward to following your thread, looks like good work



will be following along and nice work


Welcome, your back looks like an anatomy chart, will be following your progress.


Welcome, good luck with the goals, and anybody would be lucky to have a friend like you.


Welcome aboard.


STRONG indeed, with the iron and as a friend, good work on both accounts. Like your goals for the meet,will be following along as well.


Silee, I have nothing but admiration for people that get knocked down and get back up...well done.

Scotto, Thanks..picture was taken last May, about 5 weeks from last show. Always thought it was funny in
body building, we look our best, when we are the weakest.

Thanks everyone for the welcome, glad to be here.


Heavy upper body, this past Mon. worked up to 315x2x5 on bench. Incline db presses 90x10x3.

skull crushers 100x8x3, supersetted with heavy band tri extensions to failure.

Deadlift, 315x1x10

Lots of singles. going to pull every workout. This is where I think I can gain the most lbs for a good total in March.


Go big or go home...right? Great work there grey, and that back pic is just sliced up!


Thanks Led, you are right on. Started the low rep, heavy stuff in July. More pr's in that time, than in the last 7-8 years.

Dynamic stuff tonight...sorta. Started with speed bench, 225x3x5 with 90 lbs of chains. Close grip bench, 245x8x3, 275x3x1

Lat pull downs with a v-handle, 180x10x3, Kroc rows, 120x10x3

Deads, worked up to 395 and pulled 6 singles. Pulled conventional, usually pull sumo. Pr pulls conventional.
If the back will take it, I really like conventional.


Grey are you watching the food intake as you power lift as well or just beefing up? I am getting ready to return to power-lifting myself but I am wanting to keep my weight in check and just build some muscle while rying to set some PR's...


Ahh, I can relate. Been sidelined twice for surgery in the last two years. It's tough fighting your way back. But also rewarding since the gains come back fast. I think you'll come back just fine.


Welcome, another here rehabbing from surgery and almost 50, you will come back, found out muscle memory is real

Also a Westside chick here, hopefully I won't call you on too much :slightly_smiling:


Hey Colin, I kind of watch the diet. Not as strict as I use to, but old habits die hard. I lift with some beefie boys, 310,290,265, they are on me to gain weight. I'm not gaining just to gain, if strength comes with it fine. I kind of freak out, when I start getting too fluffie around the middle.

Kpsnap, I will comeback, there is just that little doubt, all the way back? How many more comebacks do you have? It's just me,playing mind games with myself. I remember thinking I was done a couple of times in my 30's..pretty funny now.
Thanks for the encouragement!

Lilpower, I call this whole thing a dance. I move this way, and injuries go that way...as long as no ones toes get stepped on, I win.
What I do is westsideish, with some bodybuilding stuff mixed in, because I can't help it. But I love advice, might not follow it, but will for sure, listen.


Welcome. Nice work and outstanding form as a true friend.


Don't go there dude. Ever.
Nice job and damn, I wish I had a friends like you.