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Getting old...(i think)

hey everyone. Im soon to be 23 and recently some of my friends(aged 18-23) think that 23 is getting old. Im like “what the fuck, old?” and most of my younger friends think that 23 is old. But now that i think of it, 23 is starting to get old. How old are the people on this forum and what have you guys noticed over the years? And dont give me that “you’re only as old as you feel” stuff! hehehe -unless its true! lol

Yes, it is true, to a degree. You have to pay more attention to the warning signs of overtraining as you age, but fortunately you also gain patience and wisdom (hopefully). But at 23 you are FAR from old, just ask Avoids Roids. You’re a kid. You’re comparing yourself to people younger (and far less mentally/emotionally mature) than you. OF COURSE YOU FEEL OLD! To them, you might as well be 50! I remember a classic moment at a work lunch, where this young guy (must have been about your age) was sitting next to this lady who was about 33. She mentioned her age, and he just turns to her and asks “So, Dana, what happens when you turn 30?” She just looks at him, and with absolutely no emotion, says, “Your penis falls off.” The rest of us were just busting up. And this guy is looking at us going, “What? What?” I can’t tell you what you’re going to notice, as it’s going to be different from what I’ve experienced. It’s a journey that only you can make. The best advice I can give is to learn how to relate to as many people as possible, develop your people skills, and don’t be afraid to take chances.

You’ve got it easy! I started to feel old when I turned 20. I’m not a teenager anymore, halfway to 40, etc.

I’m 23 and damn do I feel like an old man, I want to lean on things all the time, my workouts diminished, and my muscles look all flat and deflated. Course I"m on a 1400 cal keto diet, anywho I guess my point is if you feel old eat some quality carbs.

Your only as old as WHO you feel

I am 22, I’ll be 23 in June. Anyway, I don’t feel any different from when I was 20 or 21, but it just doesn’t sound as cool to say that I’m 22. On the other, w/the career I’m in, I feel that a lot of people don’t respect me and that some even resent me bc of what all I have accomplished at such a young age. I guess I feel that when I am a bit older, people will pay a little more attention to what I bring to the table. The best thing was the other day I was giving this guy in California some technical assistance over the phone, and he began to comment about some of the technical problems we (as an agency) have been having on the east coast. He said, “I hear they have some kid running things over there on the east coast. No fuckin’ wonder nothing works over there.” Then I said, “oh looks like you’re up and running now, I’m seeing traffic in and out of your server.” He said, “Hey thanks a ton, let me have your bosses name so I can give it to my boss to get you some kudos for your help.” I said, “tell your boss that that fucking kid running things on the east coast was nice enough to take the time to fix what I screwed up.” His silence was instant gratification. ;)Oh yeah, you’re only as old as you feel…

Working out is the ultimate anti-aging. You won’t get old if you stay in the gym. Perfict example: two friends at the gym are 37 and 40, no one ever thinks they are more than 30.

Old for what? Do you mean just in general? Well, yeah, people do grow up. Nothing you can do to change that. However, you are not old! You are at the perfect age to gain wisdom and maturity, to make good decisions, to start or advance a career. You are not too old to go to school, to travel, to experience new things. You are certainly not too old to exercise and train. Actually your body is probably in a very good position to accept better training, as you have undoubtedly finished “growing”.
You are still on the young side to marry or start a family. I personally believe late twenties, early thirties are a better age for those two things.
Maybe you are “too old” to continue to act in the immature way that most high school and college studs act, but that is a good thing.
You are probably still too young to have financial stability, a mortgage, and all that stuff, but that’s also something to work on.
By the way, I am considerably older than you and still don’t feel old. Old is when you just don’t want to do anything anymore and are so set in your ways that people don’t want to do anything with you either. Old is when your mind stops wanting things in life. Old is when you physically cannot perform like before, but it’s not for lack of trying. “Old” is when you give up on a lot of things. So, my advice is, don’t.

Im 26 and feel younger than i ever did before…

You’re on my list Brider! That’s twice in 2 days you’ve nailed me. And what’s wrong with 50??? I wish I could see it again. At almost 57, I feel younger and am in much better shape than I was at 23. And I expect to say that again in 10 years and, hopefully, 20 years from now. I would not want to be in my 20’s again…not a good time in my life. And, I AIN’T old…at least not yet!

I work in a state university - where the average student is around 26-years old. It pains me to hear these students say what you are saying - especially when I’m 36-years old. You’re never old. And the “you’re only as old as you feel” is true. People have always told me that as I aged I would start seeing things like, fat not going away as easily, muscle gains becoming harder to acheive, etc. In 1998 I ran, for the hell of it, the Hood to Coast relay. Everyone on our team of 12 had to run 3 legs during the course of about 25 to 30 hours (overall course is almost 200 miles, and there are 1000 teams). After just one month of training for this damn thing, I ran 8-minute miles. I was 32 years old. I’m nearing the 20-year of weight training mark and since I turned 30, have remained in remarkable shape. With ease, I might add. And yes, the best thing about aging is the training, nutritional wisdom you can gain - IF you keep up with it and USE it. I’m stronger and in better shape than most people 10-years younger than me. And yes, I do look 10-years younger. Stop worrying about age - just live your life.

Do not complain about getting old. Not everyone is granted that privilege. I am 60 and have trained all my life. Good luck to you, I hope you make it.

I am 34 but most people think I’m in my early twenties. I stil get carded for beer when i go out. just stay shape and you’ll stay young.

I’m 28 and other people say I look about 25. I’m in the best shape of my life. I’m not worried about growing old, infact I’m looking forward to turning 30 and comparing myself to Arnold in his prime. Dont drink or smoke and stay in the gym and you’ll live to 120. I plan on living well into my 90’s

Old? That’s when you have less fun, right? Or is having a regular job? Getting married and having kids? Or having to cut back because your body can’t keep up anymore?
Well, you constantly change. You are not the same as you were when you were 13, and you probably don’t want to be 13 again (imagine - no drinking, no driving, your face covered with pimples…:))). As you get older you develop different interests, make new experiences and some dude will then call you old because you don’t want to drink anymore until you pass out or screw around just for the sake of it or - god forbid - even think about your future (career, family). Hey, that would imply that you invest energy in something that you will benefit from later - later! But that’s when you’re ‘old’, at least compared to now. So you will have it better when you’re old? Then why would you want to stay ‘young’? ‘Old’ rocks :-))))

I’m 20, and I’ve started to feel a little old already. It started to kick in while watching some college football and realizing that I am older than a few of the players, as well as seeing a couple guys in the NBA younger than me.

i never wanted to turn 18. the whole term “legal adult” was horrid to me. imagine how i feel at 23… almost 25, almost a QUARTER OF A CENTURY. damn… i feel your pain, buddy. man do i…

If you think about it, the alternative to getting old isn’t a lot of fun!

Physically, I felt the same until I hit about 42. Then gradually, I noticed that I recover a bit slower, and fell a little stiff some mornings (insert your own joke here) On the plus side, the women I know are much more interesting, I have a lot more money, and I know what I like and can get it. I’ll take that over being a confused, oversexxed 20 year old any day! Bottom line is that all stages of life have their pluses and minuses – concentrate on the pluses and have a good time. Once its done – its done!

I’m 27 and I’m just barely starting to feel like an adult – probably because I finally am about to be through with my education and start a career (as opposed to a job), and am about to get engaged. However, I think you’re old as soon as you look at your life and decide that your best days are over. For some people, that means they were old as soon as they graduated high school. For others, that means they never seem old, no matter how old they are chronologically – they’re still having fun and enjoying life. Carpe diem.