Getting Old and Don't Want to Look It

I’m new to the anabolic world and have some questions. Recently a friend gave me some HGH to use claiming that it would greatly help me lose some belly fat and feel better. Been using it for almost a month with no noticeable changes. Typical? Second question, I have Test E, Test P, and Winstrol. How do I use them? I’m 42, previously in great shape and want to get back. Thanks

At what dose and frequency?

HGH is a marathon. Guys often don’t see changes for months while on it. It’s much more subtle than something more straightforward like testosterone.

As far as how to use what you have…the advice is going to be “don’t”. You need to get your weight down first, otherwise it’ll be a much tougher slog. Plus getting your weight down means you are eating properly and training effectively. If you’re not doing that naturally then you’re not going to get a lot out of running a cycle. Steroids will enhance what you’re already doing and give you a little more margin for error. What they won’t do is fix a bad diet or poor training. Get those sorted out first and then approach a cycle. You’ll get much better results and you’ll be a lot happier with how you look and feel.

First HGH typically takes a while like months to see results, as far as weight gain. I would think the fat loss and tighter skin should be a little quicker but I don’t know. And of course this is all based on how much you are taking along with is it pharma hand grade or is it Chinese generic.

Any and EVERY first cycle should be testosterone only. There are countless reasons but it ultimately comes down to you are putting 5 times the high end of natural test on production into your body and the way synthetic works it doesn’t fluctuate throughout the day. That level and the lack of highs and lows is in it self a drug. Guys really do react to this stuff like it’s a drug so just use testosterone to see how you do. Then on any subsequent cycle only ever add in one new compound per cycle. Some adverse reactions dont happen until week 8 or later and if you are trying or adding new compounds during that time you will not know what is causing the issue. So be safe and smart!

For you and your situation you need some more time eating right and working out before you start injecting testosterone. You also need to educate yourself because you have to live with any lasting effects, good or bad. With your age you will get some muscle naturally but it won’t be like when you worked out at age 20. You need to get that natural muscle first that way you are in condition to take advantage of your cycle.
Also with your age (I am only a few years behind you) you should get blood work because chances are your natural levels are sub par. That means your doctor might prescribe you testosterone that your insurance pays a huge chunk of the cost. Plus even if you don’t need testosterone replacement therapy you will need to know your base line numbers so you can judge your recovery post cycle.

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Very true I’m 43 and I was over weight always felt shity I went to hormone and weight loss clinic I got put on a good amount of test a week 300 which I split into two shots and I feel fuckin good I’ve changed my diet I train hard I feel alive again so just make sure your dedication is there and you’ll be surprised how much testosterone is like gold for us older men good luck man hope you find what your looking for

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Did the guy who gave you the HGH tell you it would shut your natural production of GH down? If you take equal to your natural production or less you will see/feel nothing but a big hole in your wallet when you have to start buying the real stuff. It ain’t cheap.

Same with your natural T level. You need to do a male hormone panel and see what your natural lvls are. Like HGH Injecting T will shut your natural T production down in fact it will turn your ball off completely. An if you only replace your natural T level with the bottled stuff you will see/feel no different. There aree two hormones they measure in your blood to tell how well your balls are working. FSH and LH. This is what a guy on TRT’s, FSH and LH looks like. YES you got it my balls are dead.


Lesson 1 over go get bloods.