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Getting Off TRT Due to Hair Loss

I have been on TRT for almost 4 years now, started pinning twice per week in glutes, about a year ago switch to 3 times per week also in glutes and about 2 months ago i am finally doing everyday from mon to fri, not doing it on the weekends, pinning now on my delts, haven´t noticed any additional hairloss aside from the usual 10 to 15 hairs when showering (i have a hair catcher), i have been on finasteride even before starting TRT but what i have done is to lower the dose of finasteride, first 1 mg 3 times per week after that 2 times per week and now 3 times per week but a lot less only 0.2 mg and i feel good, one thing is true and is that more frequent injections give more stable blood levels but if hair means a lot to you as it does to me, the best thing to do is to jump on Fin very low dose, like 1 mg twice per week and see how you feel on it or even less 0.5 mg twice per week

Oh yeah…? Share your source literature please.

@akuma4u Don’t touch finasteride. Its not worth it. If you insist on trying it… Don’t and go with Rogaine instead. Check out pfsfoundation.org if you’re thinking about finasteride. They have a suicide counter.

Scary stuff. I actually have quite a few of those symptoms listed on that website. I did try using saw palmetto extract pills and i took a LOT of them years ago in an attempt to lower my DHT. I wonder if this is the reason why im having those symptoms…
I will look into rogaine or another topical DHT blocker.

Regarding this forum, it does indeed have a serious love affair with TRT that can create a bias. I also ran into this when coming here looking for some side effect problem solving. Nobody is intentionally trying to be that way, it’s just the nature of a site dedicated to heavy training. For many guys here, that is their priority and they will make sacrifices others wouldn’t. My priorities are different, I don’t even go to a gym, but this is the best forum for TRT info; nobody else better at it. I’m fairly certain I’ve learned more about TRT from bodybuilders in 10 mins than any doctor I’ve ever seen.

I’m with you on hair. I watch it obsessively. The moment it goes beyond mere shedding, I’m out too.


Nobody should be shamed for deciding to get off TRT. Having said that, I think most people should do the Prisoner protocol here when doing so. You might just find that TRT works for you at a much lower dosage than is typically prescribed. Doing the prisoner protocol requires a taper phase that involves reducing dosage on a weekly schedule of 80mg / 60mg/ 50mg/ 40mg/ 30 mg/ 20mg. You may just find that TRT begins clicking for you during one of these weeks and you can stay at that level and see if the hair loss stops but you still have the benefits of exogenous Test.

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@lukedorian still waiting…

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What literature ?? i don´t think any one is gonna lose their time proving once a man goes completely bald that by tanking and supressing androgens all the atrophied follicles will get back to life
Any ways the case of the user on this thread is very far from complete atrophy of the follicles
This guy explains it very well, of course extreme cases require antiandrogens not only antiDHT but antitestosterone.
He starts by saying “most people will tell you once they are gone they are gone, there is no recovery” just what you think
By the way Joey Swoll, Bradley Martyn, Lui Marco and a lot others well known youtube fitness influencers won´t take their hats off because they have bald shame, i also think hair over muscles any day of the week

A hair loss gimmick is your research?

“ follicles have undergone miniaturization and detachment, hair loss is likely irreversible.”

I would never recommend finasteride to someone. There are way to many occurrences of PFS. It’s a nasty drug.

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You just need to dial it down, being bald is ok until jokes come up lol, no matter how jacked you are, being bald is a huge downer
Now if you are over 40 married with kids let’s just hope your wife doesn’t leave you

If my wife left me because I was going bald, good riddance. I don’t need that shallow shit. A good woman would leave you, not because you were going bald, but because you were too insecure with yourself to deal with it.

Good for you, i do, i don’t care if a woman is good or a whore if i like her i’ll approach her and having hair increases chances to have a 1 night stand
Then again i’m happy for you
@systemlord by the way bro i read you had some skin issues doing ED injection well i think i’m having something also, i notice a lot more oily skin in my face also skin on my face like swollen skin like if i was tired and like coarser skin, despite feeling good, with energy at the gym and insane pumps
Current protocol is 20mg from
Monday to friday that is 100 mg per week, not taking anything on the week ends finasteride monday wednesday and friday but only 0,15 mg, been taking fin for years now, but the skin issue begun since like a week after switching to ED injections, i have gone back to EOD and issue seems to be fading, fresher looking skin, what do you think, sry about hijacking thread

hey, im going to give me 2 cents if thats ok.
I am going to assume you, like many others here, are using test cyp
test cyp has a half life of 7 to 9 days
now, remember that half life… plus i am going to assume that you are sensitive to DHT… you skin your hair etc is very sensitive to DHT,. i know mine is and i too have issues as ive stated with the hairloss and with oily skin.
Now… dosing ed or eod compounds the test cyp over and over and over because the half life is so long and we dose so often so the DHT levels climb extremely high. For guys like us , that is a bad thing.
So… I honestly believe, for guys like us, that dosing every 1 to 2 weeks is going to give us an easier time with the side effects as the half life will be allowed to do its thing and the DHT levels wont compound and instead raise when dosing then lower by the time we are ready for our next dose which would be 1-2 weeks (better to be 1.5 to 2 weeks)
I know this goes against what many feel is proper here with the eod or e3d protocol. i get what that protocol is aiming to achieve which is a steady level of test BUT remember… naturally, our bodies dont produce test like that anyways. its always up and down up and down… so to create a steady level is not natural. Doing the 1-2 week dosing IS mimicking a natural state as you will have the up and down states.

If you were to try to change your protocol, i would try 200 every 2 weeks. run with that for a few months and see how it goes in terms of sides and how you feel etc.

Anyways,… thats my 2 cents.

SO…I am proud to announce… MY HAIR IS GROWING BACK!
is there any way to post pics in this thread?


Amazing. Great news! I’m glad for you. I really hope mine will grow as well…

You can actually copy paste from a hosting source. Otherwise hit the upload button at the top of your typing portal.

I just bring up the picture on PC, then use snipping tool. Once snipped, it automatically goes into your paste queue. Just hit control v in the text box and it will show up.

Have you been using anything for hair grow such as Minoxidil or Nizoral or finasteride lately ?

I’ve certainly noticed increased hair loss since starting test. I’m almost 40, I still have more hair than my father did at my age so that’s promising. I’ve read the threads and watched the videos and decided to dip my toe in myself. Minoxidil is best for vertex hair loss not frontal. Finasteride is the only drug that affects frontal baldness. Currently I’m using finasteride 1.25mg twice per week, minoxidil every evening (even on the front of my head), nizoral shampoo everyday. I do think this has slowed hair loss. On TRT I pin M-W-F. I don’t seem to have any issues on this dose of finasteride. I do think if I wasn’t on TRT I may experience some side effects, they are just not pronounced on it. This reminds me of all the posts about deca dick on pharma, typcial conversations. Sides vary for everyone, same as TRT does.

hey. so as you know i took myself off TRT maybe a month ago and yes i did start using Rogaine 5% foam on my bald spot 1-2 times per day. Its been a week or so of using rogaine. The last time i checked my bald spot was less noticeable and more hair seemed to have grown. It will take more time maybe another month to really know for sure but so far so good.

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