Getting Off TRT Due to Hair Loss

Been on TRT for several years. Changed my dosing several times as well. For the past 8 months or longer ive been doing a 20mg Every other day protocol , smaller more frequent doses, as recommended by a few others here (but also discouraged by some as well) I dont know if this was the right way to go due to the halflife of the test and how taking it so often makes it build up so much… anyways… thats another story BUT back to the topic,… I always had hairs fall out into my hands when i style or wash my hair,… i was told its not balding but shedding… basically was told my hair is growing more so the hair is falling out making room for more hair incoming. This proved to be false. How do i know? Because a few days ago i got a huge shock. I caught a glimpse of the top of my head in a mirror and there is a HUGE bald spot. Like the size of a large palm right in the rear of my head. In fact, if you google image “John cena bald spot” its the exact same as the bald spot john cena has. This is where all those hairs that were coming out into my hands over the years were coming from. I honestly believe the hairs fell out more after switching to an every other day schedule AND also, more recently, i started injecting into the shoulders, and i think this made it even worse. I was a strict butt cheek injector until last month when i started doing shoulders also.

Long story short,. my hair is very important to me and with my hair style, its a spikey style and with this big bald spot it almost looks like im wearing a crown. Looks ridiculous.

So… i want to stop TRT and im sure the hair will regrow in several months once the DHT reduces to normal levels in my skin and hair follicles and body.

At that point, when the hair regrows, i dont know what to do… If i start TRT again,. perhaps it will just all fall out again… or maybe this time i should scrap the EOD protocol and just do it once or 2x a week? I came across a mens health site called the center for mens health and they swear by 200mg every 2 weeks. I have no idea if changing the dosing schedule will HELP hairloss and/or side effects. Or if i am just naturally too sensitive to the DHT side effects and this hairloss balness side effect will hurt me no matter what.

Now that im going to get off TRT… i guess i should be taking something to naturally restart my natural production. What is that and how much should i be taking and how often and when should i start taking it? I have missed my last 2 TRT doses. Should i wait a couple weeks until i try to restart my natural production? or should i do it now? Any help would be appreciated and also if anyone can help with advice for the hairloss/baldness and how to avoid it, that would be greatly appreciated as well, in case i decide to restart TRT once my hair grows back. Which I am praying it does.

Why dont you try finasteride? Listen… Go to the YouTube and search Moreplatesmoredates, look at some videos about hair loss and maybe you dont need to stop TRT.


I’m in the same boat. Hair falling out and no erections. EOD schedule as well. 80% that I’m quitting TRT soon. Finalizing that decision right now.

Pls provide more info. How long were u on trt. What dose? How long were u doing the eod protocol? With eod did it bring your total and free within range or was it way outside of range?

There is a very good possibility the eod is to blame for the excessive hair loss i.e extra DHT due to the half life being 7 to 9 days or so and since we do eod the test/dht doesnt have a chance to deplete and we keep compounding it massively and it builds up so much along with the sides… That is my theory…

I’m on TRT for 2.5 years. First 6 months on 2x week, 60mg Cyp x 2 weekly. Then switched to EOD because my doctor and everybody on the forums said it’s better.

24mg Cyp EOD didn’t raise my Free DHT high enough, so my doc added T cream to scrotum. That did bring my Free DHT up and I had to cut the dose because it was too much. Then I stopped the cream because my PSA started to go to 2.1 from 1.2.

Recently I reintroduced T cream to scrotum at lower concentration of 50mg/ml. That didn’t raise my Free DHT. Added 75mg/ml and didn’t have a chance to test DHT because at the same time I started injecting 400iu HCG every other day for 10 days in an attempt to raise my E2 (which stopped going up for an unknown reason and I think that was responsible for low libido and erections). This is when my hair started to fall like crazy in 2 weeks period. I think HCG and 75mg/ml T cream to scrotum raised my DHT above all possible limits…

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My EOD protocol did not bring Free T nor Free DHT to the range. Only total T was pretty high (normal) at 1100 - 1250.

I still don’t know if E2 is responsible for hair loss in men like some people say, or it’s ONLY DHT.

I’d appreciate if someone knowledgeable would clarify that for us.

Your dosing and protocol is beyond my scope since ive only used test cyp and arimidex… Ive never heard of e2 having a role with baldness. Ive only read about dht being responsible. How bad is your balding and was it localized to one area?

The good news is that once you stop using the hair is suppose to grow back.

I’m not even close to an expert on this topic, but I have been told by various medical professionals as well as read some studies that DHT is the most responsible factor in scalp hair loss. It’s also the culprit in body hair growth. Excess DHT can accelerate MPB if you are genetically predisposed, and can also cause general thinning and loss of scalp hair. If you are sensitive to this, topicals are a big problem as they are the form of testosterone administration that most easily converts to DHT.

E2 shouldn’t be a factor, as a healthy amount causes scalp hair to thicken and body hair to thin, basically the opposite.

The problem, if your hair loss is male pattern baldness that was accelerated by testosterone, I’m fairly certain that shit is permanent.

I’ve been told if it’s just shedding and thinning due to DHT, it should regrow.

Either way, testosterone will fuck up your hair-do, and I wish more docs would mention it ahead of time. I’d wager heavily 85% of the dudes on this forum are rocking crew cuts or chrome domes.


Meaning that it won’t regrow after one gets off TRT??? Even if DHT is lowered to pre-TRT level?

So far it’s not completely bald but maybe 40-50% thinner… On the forehead.

My only question is whether it’ll grow back after I get off TRT.

The proper test for DHT is the Free DHT. Sometimes high Total T doesn’t mean high DHT because some people (like myself) don’t convert T to DHT well. But if your hair is falling out, then whatever level your DHT is now - that’s high for you. I assume if you could get that DHT to lower somehow while keeping Free and total T high enough - you could probably still benefit from TRT that way… That’s my understanding and I’m not an expert nor a doctor.

I hope you’re right but… I doubt it…

Not if it’s a genetic thing, I don’t think so. MPB acceleration means you were headed for hair loss eventually anyway, and test just sped it up.

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There is only one way to find out and that is to get off the trt and get back to a natural state and wait some time and see if the hair grows back or starts getting fuller.


Please let us know here if you were able to restore your T production to a pre-TRT level after quitting TRTA.

I’m gonna do the same. I really hope TRT wasn’t a one-way ticket for us with no return to the way we were before TRT.

Can’t speak to the hair loss, but hormone levels should go back pre-TRT just fine. From what I’ve seen and read, the only people who have problems returning to their baseline are those who abused anabolics for years.

It’s NOT going to grow back. The follicles basically shrink and die due to the excessive DHT. This is permanent.


You’re going to be bald and deficient on Androgens. Bad decision. Forget your hair. Be a man about it. Hair is cool, and mine is growing back after a year of thinning but Im positive that if I suddenly lost it, TRT would stay. Its better to fuck like a lion than to just look like one.


i dont know about that…
i will use wrestler/actor john cena as an example… during his wrestling days he was on high doses of TRT and you can google his baldness… once he stopped wrestling and went into acting, he got off the TRT and lost size BUT all his hair grew back… you can google image those pics as well and you can see his hair is fuller and bald spot disappeared.

As for me,. as i stand right now im almost 2 weeks TRT free and the area where i had the most hairloss now has a bunch of pimple like type bumps ,. very small. I believe there is activity going on there and i am in hopes this is a sign of the hair follicles starting up again and getting ready to push out hair. Again, time will tell here. I will for sure update this thread once i am sure.
But I will say this,. if 3 months pass and there is no noticeable hair growth or fullness… then you are probably right.

I think 3 months is a substantial amount of time to allow DHT levels to return to normal.
To me… hair is Extremely important and always has been. Some guys look good with a bald or shaved head or extremely short hair like stubble style… I unfortunately dont and this is another reason why keeping my hair is very important to me.

to shocking: for those of us who have been on TRT for over 2 years… the nuts have been shut off for so long that they may never be able to function normally again and, for me, i was borderline low test like right at the lowest point before bring clinically/medically deficient.that was enough for my doc to start me on TRT… but NOW,. i may legit have become deficient as too much time with natural shut down has occurred. I hope this is not the case but… To me, it would make sense if it did.

i really dont know if you were to compare a guy on trt vs a ifbb pro bodybuilder taking HUGE doses in terms of testicle shut off. Like is it possible for the balls to by shut down harder with bigger doses of test than it is with trt doses? of is shut off shut off no matter what dose is taken?

John Cena was on Steroids. Now he’s on TRT. He’s a well paid actor and can afford a transplant, a hair system or he uses Finasteride.