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Getting Off Test Prop/Masteron

So I am on a cycle of short esthers (which I have had no experience before with in coming off) taking 300mg each per week (3 shots of 100mg EOD of each). I was on Test Enth for 16 weeks prior at 500mg but that was over 6 weeks ago so it should be cleared from my system and only the Prop and Mast current. My question is:

What is a good PCT for me? I have done alot of research and there are soooo many conflicting opinions of tapering vs HCG & clomid or nolvadex only…given the short esthers as well could someone recommend the proper way to come off and timing schedule? How would tapering work given the frequency of injections?


you’ve got to be joking…that you’ve been on a cycle for over 6 weeks…and haven’t thought about pct…that’s how people get hurt, and thats how aas gets a bad rep…

Tico has a point, your PCT should be planned out and in hand before you do your first injection. But now it sounds like you are 22 weeks into it and trying to come off. You are probably shut down pretty good from that long of duration. I think the test taper would work best. You will probably need 6 weeks at homeostasis levels of test before you start at least a 6 weeks taper until you are at 0.

Read up more on P-22 (now just Prisoner) test taper, I beleive he outlines how to incorporate mast into the taper as well.

I have all the PT stuff on hand (HCG, clomid, Nolvadex) I just have been hearing soooo much diferring views on how to use and what to take I wanted to address this question here! Also, given the Prop is short esther I am not sure how the taper would work unless its conitnuing the 3 shots per week and reducing the dosages accordingly…ouch! Any advice appreciated

In theory the prop should be shot every day, but every other day will probably work fine. Just adjust the doses so you have equal amounts in all injections every week.
If you don’t taper then read the steroid newbie thread in which AR outlines a conventional PCT using nolv, hcg, and aromasin.

cant seem to find that???

I think I will try to taper but how should I do that given the short esther??? just cut the doses down each week in 3 shots? Also, how do I handle the Masteron?

Lastly how would I use HCG during a cycle??? Since I have it and been on gear for 19 weeks would I want to hit it a couple of times before I en given I have another 6-12 weeks of the prop/masteron


Last time I came off a long one clomid followed by nolva worked well for me. Followed that with some vitrix.