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Getting Off My Cycle Help

iam about to end my cycle…of dianabol 30 mg a day andriol 320 mg and anvar 40 mg a day for the last 6 weeks…what should i do after my cycle.up my protien to 1.5 grams of body weight? need to know help me out

Can’t answer your question as I am a noob, but I am soon starting a similar cycle and was wondering what your before and after stats were?

ever heard of anti-e’s???

i started at 185 now iam 217 very large gains…take a lot of vitaim e

Dude a little research goes along way.
Since all of the drugs you mentioned are fast acting then the first day you are not on you should start your PCT.
You will probably lose alot of your gains since it sounds like most of it is going to be bloat. However with proper pct and eating and training right you may still keep quite a bit.
But, atleast you asked, so hopefully my suggestions can help.
100mg ed Nolva for the first 4 days then cut it to 80mg for 4 more then I think you could probably go down to 20mg ed for 2 weeks.
ZMA everynight before bed as long as you can afford the stuff since there is no reason not to take it.
Alpha Male 6 caps ed for first week then should be able to drop down to 2 ed till you go back “on” or just until the bottle is gone.
There are many others on this board way more knowledgeable than myself so if they chime in give them your ears as well. Good luck.