Getting off Hep Layers, What Should I Do Next?

Greetings coach and fellow lifters.In a precious post I asked you about the Hep method, I took some advice and picked up your Hep Layers program, it worked very well, gained a solid 10 lb on my bp in 3 months, and that is a lot for me!
I did a deload, but I am closing to a plateau.My question is: what should I do next? I am thinking of Clusters/Waves/Ladders.
On the other hand, I want to take a small break from heavy lifting, but without sacrificing a lot of strength.I want to try the Gironda 6x6 with a small modification, Im trying to get back my 6 pack for my 44yo birthday in April.
Ex: BP ramp to a 2rm, then 6x6 at 60-70%,incline dp 6x6 and that’s about it.
Basically 2 exercises per body part 2x week.
43 1/2 yo male, 195 pounds, 5 '7.3 years of consistent lifting
I’d appreciate any comment or suggestion from the coach or other lifters.Thanks a lot.