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Getting Nice, Full, Hams


I want fullness in my hams/thighs. Am I best off doing a lot of stiff-leg, romanian, sumo, and regular deadlifts? Or is the trick as far as getting mass rather than strength to do (on top of a standard deadlift routine) lots of other excercises like ham curls, split squats, good mornings, etc?


low reps many sets, work one at a time
include either goodmornings, or stiff legg deads without rounding your back.

everyother leg workout do sprints instead like 10 60s or 10 100s

also try supersetting legcurl, heavy with high rep stiffs, its a killer


Unless you train specifically for one or the other, strength and mass are very related.

Deadlifts should definitely be the mainstay, so just focus on more ham-dominant exercises in your program. RDLs and GHRs are two of the best.


Yes. And Yes.

Squat and deadlift. A lot. Repeat. On a less whimsical note, check out CT's Pillars of Strength article http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=05-067-training
and Ian King's Limping Series:
http://www.T-Nation.com/findArticle.do?article=body_82pain (this is the final article in the series, but it has links to the other segments).

And remember, you cannot get large legs if you eat like an anorexic mouse. Building leg mass takes a lot of energy, and thus a lot of food. All praise the bulk belly!