getting nice big looking biceps

How do I do it? I’m really trying hard in getting these babies to grow.How do I get them bigger( big enough to be proud of them…lol)
I’ll appreciate any suggestions

Have you tried any of the 1865 arm programs written by the world’s top experts and available at this site for free?

  1. Hit your back hard. Emphasize chin-ups, pull-ups and heavy rows. Supinated close grip pulldowns can help too.

  2. Eat a lot. Poliquin once said you need to gain 10 lbs of bodyweight to add an inch on your arms.

3)Work on your grip and forearm strength.

There is no magic workout that will give ya huge guns. It’s all about experimenting with the number of sets, exercises, and reps. You have to figure out whats best for you. RLTW


Synthol… Ever try rope pulls? Chad Waterbury swears by them and has an article about them here on t-mag, just type rope pulls into the search engine. I’ve never done them as i cant find any rope that big in my area and i think its quite expensive, i went down to ace hardware and was asking about it and the dude was like, “Thats for boats man… what do you need that for?”
Me-“uhhh i wanna attach it to my car to pull it… i need like… 25 feet i think”
Him-“Oh man, we dont have that, try menards, but thats gonna run you like 10 dollars a foot man”

two words…synthol. Just kidding, i used EDT for arms with amazing success. use the search engine to find details. hope i’m not taking money out of CS’s pocket, but make sure you use cryotherapy post workout. seriously, i would recommend buying his book on EDT even though the program is online. he has a ton of killer insights on life, motivation, and training. definitely worth $30. there will be a lot of responses saying use compound movements and you don’t need direct arm work, which is absolutely on the money, but for the gains you can make in a month on EDT it’s worth a shot! I got over an inch circumference gain.

Some guys will tell you to deadlift for arms and never isolate arms.

I’m not one of those guys. I will tell you to concentrate on such a small muscle is foolish. Honesty, it’s the most over valued muscle in the history of men’s minds. A nice thick back and good shoulders are much more impressive than biceps.

I say this, because biceps are my best muscle group, and nobody noticed I lifted until I worked on my back/shoulders.

Now to stop preaching at you and answer your question. (Something poorly lacking in forums) I’ll tell you what I did.

Step 1 - Work your triceps hard.

When you’ve done the standard 3x10 curls, then…

Step 2 - Run the rack. Start with a silly little weights. Do 3-5 reps then move up 5 lbs. repeat until you can’t move up and can’t get more than 1 rep out. Then go down the rack. You’ll be surprised at the end that 10lbs dumbbells could hurt so badly.

And don’t do this too often. Or for too long

Check out EDT (Escalating Desnity Training) by Charles Staley, I haven’t tried it yet, but I hear great things, and I am going to try it as soon as some of my new gym recruits get comfortable in their own programs.

Time spent.Focus, and more time. This is a lifetime thing. I don’t know anyone who thinks his arms couldn’t be a little bit bigger.

it depends on your body type. i’m very long limbed and have an average sized torso so while my core thickened my arms never grew. once i started focusing a day a week on arms they caught up to the rest of my body and my lifts went up.

Anyone have specific exercises for bulking up the bicep near where it meets the elbow area?

For growth, most people need to put their biceps and triceps under enormous strain over a longish period of time, compared to other muscles that grow more readily. sigh.

“Anyone have specific exercises for bulking up the bicep near where it meets the elbow area?”

Zotman and preachers. Also reverse preachers.

hammer curls and reverse curls, bro. however, everyone’s biceps connect different and you may always have a “high and tight” gun!

wing…stop doing your curls like a fraternity boy pansy and extend your arms all the way. That will get the “elbow end” of your bicep to grow.

Just buy smaller shirts.

Does anyone have a link for the “ZOTMAN” exercise?

(crawls back under rock)

Just do a search in the “T-mag” dropdown for Zottman (two T’s). You will get Poliquin’s “One Day Arm Cure” which describes it as the first link.

Good day. (ala Paul Harvey)

  1. Take a look at Ian King’s Great Guns in 12 weeks posted on this site.

  2. Eat big.

if you want “the ultimate guide to massive arms-EDT” by Charles Staley and have not gotten it yet-if you email me at I will take $5.00 off plus give you a bonus to help you along even further…-Julianne

What works for me is to do a strength cycle (like ABBH) with little arm work for about a month. Then do a month of higher volume arm training, such as EDT or CT’s Canadian Cannons.