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Getting My Training & Diet In Order


Hi guys long time lurker first time poster.Ive recieved some fantastic and very helpful info on this site but am still slightly confused so am looking for advice and tips and anything that would be helpful.

Basically Ive been lifting weights for the last 4 years or so on and off.My main and only aim of doing this was to improve my "beach muscles" without having any routine or diet in place.Well its 6 months since ive worked out last but have decided im going to get back into the swing of things and do things properly.So I know longer have the beach muscles and any that I did have are mostly covered in a layer of fat or two!Although my back and shoulders arent to bad.So basically im looking for a workout which will help me gain lean muscle and reduce body fat.Would it be split/full body workouts?Whos workouts? Any help on this would be great.

There is also the matter of my diet.My new improved diet is like this,
Breakfeast:Porridge and some fruit and a pint of water

Mid Morning Break:A wholemeal brown bread sandwich with either ham/chicken or turkey breast with coleslaw cheese and or tomato with a litre of water.

Lunch:Depends on what is offered in the work cafe....but always the healthiest option available with a litre of water or two.

Dinnear:Not sure looking for advice

Pre/Post workout:Not sure looking for advice also

And what supplements should I be using?

Sorry for the long post guys but just really want to do things right.Any advice or tips greatly recieved. Thanks in advance.


For meals, always eat protein and carbs together. Keep the simple carbs early in the day. A good dinner is meat, veg and a starch.

Since you are just getting back to lifting you will make gains quickly so do Rippetoe's program to maximize your newbie gains. Start low weight to build your conditioning and make steady gains for a few months. Eventually you will have to start periodizing but for now, keep progressing as long as you can.

Post workout, take Surge, chocolate milk or some other fast carb-protein combination drink.