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Getting my Tonsils Out Tomorrow

Has anyone had this done? Any recommendations on what to eat to best maintain my muscle? The list of restrictions is pretty stiff.

Also, is training just not an option? They make it sound like I won’t be able to do anything, but I know doctors tend to overstate things.

Put some milk in a blender, add carrots and blend till desired consistency…

Wife had hers out last year. She was pretty much useless for a couple days.

You won’t be able to suck or chew anything. She lived on protein shakes and other liquid foods for a couple days. Really soft stuff for a couple more days after that.

Had mine out two years ago, your down for two to three days and then can get back into it. The worry is that if you strain to early you can throw one of your clots in your throat and that can lead to an emergency situation. Make shake with increased leucine and try to avoid excessive dairy or else you will get excessive mucus production and then you will have worse of a time breathing.

Use it as a few nice recovery days as long as you can get the liquid calories in. Destroy yourself in a workout tonight, eat big and then for the next few days do your best until you can eat again.

Don’t worry too much, you won’t lose that much muscle over two or three days. Or if you do, you’ll be able to gain it back.

Thanks. People keep giving me horror stories about it taking 2-3 weeks before they could really do anything. If I can lift again in a few days like you guys have been saying, then it’s no big deal.

I recently had some work done on my throat. My tonsils are gone, uvula gone, and some soft palate gone as well (apnea). This was four weeks ago. My throat was fine after a couple days. Hell I ate pasta the day after surgery and sure as hell could have eaten meat if my mother was not so adamant about not doing it.

Make sure you get some good meds and you should be fine. To cut through mucus build up I found that hot liquids like tea helped a ton after eating any dairy or after taking down a protein shake, which was basically 50% of my meals.

Good Luck.

Hated it. I had 6 taken out and had dry sockets. You have to clean food and shit out with a syringe. For me it was terrible. Hope you only have 4.

Maybe a few days off could be good, maybe you need the rest? any niggling injury?

I had mine out YEARS ago! cant give advise on nutrition but i can say that coke (cola) is good to clean your throat, the acid and shit in it! helps with the pain too…

Yeah I got my tonsils and adenoids removed about 2 years ago. It was a pretty crappy experience as I could hardly swallow my own spit the first couple days. Something I would recommend would be to get some sort of spray bottle so you can spritz water in your mouth.

It’s important to keep the area moist, but also it may be the easiest way to get water down the first night/day. Oh yeah, shakes are the easiest was to get your calories in.