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Getting my s**t together

Ok all you T-men and women out there, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I am new to T-mag and have been trying to get my shit together. I have outlined a diet I pulled off here and figured my macros and all of that minus my supplements. I’ll try to make this as short as I can, I just turned 26, I weigh about 180, am 6’, and I am looking to add about 10-20 lbs. I am a firefighter and I know there are those of you that can suggest some routine splits for me. I am not new to lifting but haven’t had much luck being consistent with diet or my training. Dammit, I am ready to commit. Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated.

I imagine you can’t afford to be sore 24/7, which tends to rule out OVT and the like.

Frequent, heavy lifting, low reps, moderate volume. Say twice a week for each muscle group, 6 sets, 4 reps. No supersetting.


I would disagree with the statement that OVT wouldn’t be good due to the soreness factor. I finished Phase I last week (am doing the New Ripped, Rugged and Dense for 2 weeks before going to Phase II) and I never experienced extreme soreness. Sure I was sore the next day from my workouts, but nothing from the norm and nothing to where I couldn’t function the next day. As long as his nutrition and post-workout (Surge) shake is in order, I’d say OVT would be the best route to go to putting on mass.

I’d definitely recommend OVT for your purposes. Your definitely not wanting to neglect strength, and thats a good quality to have if your a firefighter I would think. I also disagree with the soreness. Yes, I was sore a little after the workouts, but nothing that wouldn’t allow me to function. As stated too by Djwl.

Seriously, check out OVT, and give that a shot. It’s layed out very well, so all you really have to do is be concerned with your diet, and just getting your butt in the gym.

Good luck man,

My experiences differed, but I suppose it’s viable if his physiology is more similar to yours.


Not necessarily true about OVT. I am a cop currently on OVT. While it kicks your ass, to be sure, my soarness goes away pretty quickly. And I push myself pretty hard. Maybe I just recover well though. Who knows.

 Good luck in your endeavor Fire... but if I may point a little thing out... Consistency and a good diet DON'T come out of luck. Maybe that's why you havent had much LUCk with it.

 Just my take.

I’m following Chard Dub’s Anti-Bodybuilding Routine. I think it’s worth looking in to.