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Getting My Quads... Smaller


Hi all:

I appreciate the strong community on T-Nation and trust that my question/request will be answered with pre-judging or negative comments --that is the T-Nation way.

I have been playing soccer for over 20 years and through the sport and my training, my quads have gotten to be abnormally big relative to the rest of my body.

As a result I would like to get them to be a lot smaller - particularly in the (quad) muscle that runs along the inner area of the quad near the groin area.

Now before you go saying that I am crazy to want my quads to be smaller, my motivation is that I no longer play soccer at the frequency/level of what I used to, and when it comes to wearing pants/jeans/shorts, it makes it very difficult to find a pair that fits. I am a 32" waist and normally have to buy a size up or two so that my quads fit. I no longer want to deal with this and have become self-conscious about it.

I would appreciate any help you can provide about lengthening my leg muscles so that they slim out, particular in my inner quad area (the part that bulges in towards the center of the body) and in my gluteal area.



How big are your quads exactly?


Get the rest of your body up to par and buy a belt.


Aussie: do you want measurements or what?

In general, how can I lean them out?


Lose bodyfat, your legs will shrink quickly.


The first things that come to mind:
1. Plastic surgery - have a doctor remove all that pesky muscle.
2. Starvation diet - you'll lose muscle AND fat!
3.Binding - Certain cultures have manipulated their physiques for centuries by wrapping tight cloth around undesirablly bulky body parts



You quad muscles aren't that big, I promise. Just stop shopping at agayercrombie and bitch.


Well unless there huge I would'nt recommend doing anything to shrink them. An easy solution would be to not train legs while trying to bring the rest of your body into proportion.


Fuck that.

Hes 170 pounds at 5'10. He only thinks his legs are too large because his upper body is tiny from lack of training.

I get dragged all over the place because Im the "big guy" in the group, and all the chicks like having me around as a bodyguard when we go out, and to carry people home when they get drunk to walk, Ive carried two drunk chicks before on on each shoulder.

Can you walk with 220 pounds on your back ? Train your legs like a mofo, youll need them for squats and deads when you actually get some decent size on the rest of you.


There's no evidence the original poster likes girls. But nice try.


I'm pretty sure you can't 'lengthen' a muscle, it's attached at two fixed points?

or am i wrong..?



Try posting on a different site.


I would echo what duffy is saying here.


If you had huge arms, would you want them smaller so you could fit in a medium t-shirt?
If so Im going to have to agree with duffy.



I don't understand why this post shifted its focus because of people's ridiculous comments. If you don't have something beneficial to write, then don't post. -the T-Mag site is about helping others achieve an individual's goals, however that person sees his goals to be.

If my goals (slimming out my legs a drop) don't align with yours (getting huge), then please don't respond. I'm sure there are other people you can help.

That said, thank you to those who are making an effort to help. I'm not saying I want to get weaker, it is just that my legs do not match the rest of my frame as much, and I would like to make it so that my legs do. My problem area is just in my quads and how it makes it difficult to wear certain jeans, etc.

Would increasing the flexibility of my legs (hammies, quads, etc) help lean them out alot or just increase range of motion?


Wear a skirt. Problem solved.


Just don't train them, or don't train them as much dude. CT has mentioned he trains his legs once every two weeks at most because they are so developed from his years of Oly lifting.

I don't think it's that big of a deal. To be honest, you probably are fine. They're a little out of proportion, but no women are going to comment on your legs size except in a good manner.

btw, you don't want to shrink your gluteals. Women LOVE a bubble butt. Trust me, I am a wrestler so I have one myself. A nice firm muscular ass on a guy is one of the first things women look at (you are obviously doing this for aesthetics). So long as it is not big from excessive fat or excessive lordosis size is not a problem.


Yes you are wrong. Flexibility lengthens a muscle. If you left your bicep in a constantly curled position for a year (say with a sling), the muscle would shorten and you would have a constantly curled bicep (until gravity stretched it back out).

This is why people who work desk jobs all day have poor hamstring flexibility--the muscle is shortened from being in a shortened position for most of the day.


Oh, and pics or stfu :slight_smile:


Fiction - thanks for your help.

I think I do have a form of lordosis. I remember my chiropractor from a few years ago mentioned that term to me, but I didn't think he effectively solved anything. I may have fat there too, hard to tell between muscle and fat when there is a lot of muscle.

I like having strong developed legs, etc - it is the size that is a pain for wearing pants/jeans. It also restricts my range of motion for soccer (twisting, etc).

I agree, chicks love strong legs, and I dig it - the only change I would make would be to make the internal part of my quads/gluts slightly smaller so that I am more proportional and jeans/pants are more comfortable to wear