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Getting My Nipples Pierced


Hey all, I was just curious what all your thoughts were about pierced nipples on a man. I'm only 19, and within my circle of friends this wouldn't be too weird (it would still be pretty weird lol).

I've always wanted to pierce something, and I figure pierced nipples would be cool for the following reasons:

-It would be relatively easy to hide from my parents and others who would judge piercings negatively
-It would give me more of an excuse to chill with my shirt off lol, I really like my body largely thanks to T-Nation
-It's not very common
-It goes very well with my personality to have something that most people think is fucking weird lol
-It would heal completely upon removal
-It would be funny as hell hahahaha

Just curious what the people here think of this kind of thing.


It would...?

IMHO, nipple piercings are ghey. My workout partner had them and used to constantly complain about them, especially on bench press day.


My interest for guys just rose 150% upon reading this thread.



Meh, I want to get mine done as well. But I couldn't care less how the rest of the world views it. But yeah, from seeing people who have them they can be quite annoying apparently, and on chest day you'd probably be best off taping them up, or removing them.

But yeah, funny as hell? what are you 12?


When I say they would be "funny as hell," is that they would pretty sharply contrast with the rest of my appearance, and to the people who know me best (including me!), they would be almost something of a joke. They would be more to just have fun with my appearance than anything!

Also, what the fuck do you mean by ghey? Do you mean it in the middle school sense that they are lame, or do you mean that they have some association was homosexuality? I would consider the latter actually more of a reason to get them! Having something more uncommon among straight men I feel shows more independence and strength than being exactly like every other macho alpha male type.


I have parent like this too. I solved my problem with a lip, tongue and three ear piercings.

Then I got a whole lotta tattoos on my arms (dual sleeves).

Actually, I don't give a flying fuck what they think.

mmm pain...


hahahaha, I need mine to pay for my college. I kinda have to pay them some basic respect until I'm financially independent. Still, power to you!


Yeah, that's what all the gay guys say.

(Not that there's anything wrong with that.)


The middle school one.


OP, if it's pertinent to your personality that it goes "very well with my personality to have something that most people think is fucking weird lol" why the FUCK would you care what WE thought about it?

Let em drop son, make up your own damn mind.


lol, well I couldn't be more secure in my heterosexuality :smiley:


if you want em do it, they dont bother me during bench press day at all and never f*ed with my training....


I just wanted to see what the gerenal opinion around here was about this kind of thing. I wasn't expecting to hear anything that would weigh in on my decision (though I am open to any intelligent thoughts). Hearing that "nipple piercings are ghey" doesn't exactly have a very profound affect on me; it just shows me how immature most of the posters in these forums are!!!

This comment, on the other hand, is actually useful! Thank you.


It's OK to be gay.



It's not worth it!

I did it years back in college. They get tugged on working out... all the time. Shirt gets caught, etc. Mine would get infected just about weekly from unexpected bullshit tugging on them. You mentioned they completely heal when removed. Not entirely true, a friend of mine caught a nasty infection and now he has a nipple he calls "the freak."

They get old pretty quick. Get your ears pierced and stretch... that will still close aslong as you stay around 2-4 gauge.


Shit dude. I need to do some more research...


Haha sorry man... I guess I was just a bit dramatic.

For all its worth, mine were in for well over 2 years, and outside of the infections from time to time, it wasn't hell.

I guess my biggest beef was them getting hit by stuff like my golf swing catching my shirt on them... playing with dogs... footballs or virtually any contact sport. I started to tape them down during sports, but that got old quick.

If you take them out for activities, you run the risk of pain getting them back in, since the hole shrinks FAST!! I had my ears gauged to a "0" and those were MUCH easier to deal with. Not sure if thats your thing, but... if I was to get something piereced again, it would be the ears. Everything else just wasn't worth it to me.

But, I did fully heal when I took them out.

For the amount of time I spent tending to them, it just wasn't worth the pain/money of getting it done.


Damn, I thought this was posted by T-vixen... How anti-climatic


Did no one else react on this...

"-It would be relatively easy to hide from my parents and others"

"I feel shows more independence and strength than being exactly like every other macho alpha male type."



On a different note, a friend of mine got his nipples pierced, and then a few weeks later an acquaintance (who didn't know about them) did a nipple-twister on him...