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Getting my Next Cycle Rounded Up

This will be my 3rd cycle, previously have done test e 600x15, test e/p 600 tren 150 (week 3-9) 12 weeks The only reason I ran the tren was because of a mistake with where I get my oils and I threw it in there at a small dose. I loved the added performance and off set of water retention from the T. I ran my PCT and got little to no sides. Gained 20 on my first cycle pretty dirty bulk. Last cycle I lost 15lbs of fat and held around 10-12 lbs. Currently sitting at 205 >15%.

Before my cycle starts im planning on getting lean as possible. I’m looking for lean muscle gains, low water retention, and to up my lifts.so here is what I’ve been considering…

Test P 100mg ed wk 1-2
Test E 700 wk 1-12
Tren A 25mg/ed wk 1-9

Let me know what you think.

10 years lifting (last f5 have been serious)
Diet on point
2 cycles under my belt
Squat: 425
Bench: 280

It looks perfect man. Let it rip. I am sure all of that gear is needed for them beastly lifts.

Lmao… When i saw this post yesterday and compared his lifts to the gear he had lined up the first thing that came to mind was i had higher nunbers naturally.

Gear in my opinion is much more beneficial for breaking thru plateaus after years and years of dedicated weight lifting.

There is so many natural remedies for breaking a real plateau. Not the “my bench didn’t increase 5lbs this month i must not be able to get any stronger” bullshit.

Anyways rant over.

My opinion : way to much gear. Your lifts are average natty lifts… You probably dont even need AAS but lets be real your gonna use anyways so il say if you cant accomplish your goals with some plain old test. Your diet and training suck and no amount of tren in the world is gonna get you to any sustainable gains

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