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Getting My Girlfriend Into SS


ok so i train mma, lift, been doing ss and stronglifts forever, and really enjoy it, great progress.

now my gf is 5'6 and 105lbs, underweight too, i need to help her gain 2 pounds a week. Now i don't know a thing about female training, so i was just wondering if you think this might be much

apparently she needs to be eating about 2600 calories to gain the 2 lbs a week, so what i was thinking was having her have 8cups of whole milk, 2cups of oatmeal, 2 protein shakes, plus whatever her family eats spread out throughout the day.

and as for training, i was thinking of just basic ss with maybe some assistance work like lunges and stiff legged deadlifts.

if any females can help me out with little tips articles please pm or write it here because its super helpful



What makes you think that 'female training' is different from any other training? Really, just curious.


to be honest, i'm not trying to be sexist, i'm not trying to create any arguments, but my gf is really really fragile and i'm trying to help her achieve her goals but i really don't want to strain her, which is why i've been reading article upon articlle to make sure what i know about each lift is correct and that i understand perfect form.

but i wasn't sure if ss was directed more towards men or if it was more universal, my main concern was if what she was eating might have a side effect

i'm just taking precautions because she's the love of my life and i don't want her to get injured


dude u know if we lift heavy we'll grow dicks and get all bulky.


you really don't have to get so self conscious about small statement


Pmsl, your right... look how we've turned out. I'll admit to bulky but not a dick.


so i come to a board ask a simple question just out of precaution because the basis of it was not that she was a female but was underweight and somehow people are offended, and wonder why people treat them a little more special


I wouldn't just start getting her on 2600 calories right off the bat. I would instead figure out her current intake by logging it and add 300 or so calories a day for a week and move up from there. You'll make her sick force feeding her gallons of milk!

Good luck!


thank you for reading the forum, giving some thoughtful advice, and not being offended

yeah i was thinking she would get a little sick of the milk


Not offended, just fucking with you. Seriously, why not get her doing basic stuff like bw exercises. She's super light so she should have a real advantage on things like pullups, etc. Also compound lifts so she can build a strength base. That type of training + a reasonable diet should help her gain some lean mass. If need be get her some guidance from someone who can teach her correct form, like REAL correct form. What you should not do is encourage the typical triceps kickbacks and good girl/bad girl only type of routine.

Best of luck.


Debra makes some good points, you definitely dont wanna be forcing her to eat.

But in my opinion, I wouldn't even worry about counting calories. Just make sure she's eating every 2-3 hours, getting protein and plenty of veggies. I think the worst mistake people make when gaining weight is cut out the vegetables, they help with digestion and well, everything, and certainly gaining weight.

And dont be afraid to "strain" her a little bit, if you baby her she will stay fragile like you say she is. I've seen some women that appear fragile complete some amazing feats of strength.


^ Good point. She probably isn't as fragile as you think. Also agree regarding vegetables. But I would since I'm a vegetarian. I'd definitely add protein supplements instead of so much milk. Mix the protein powder with milk and now you're talking.


Vegetarians represent!


I'm not a chick but I'm going to give my advice anyway because I'm bored and this is the internet, where even idiots can pontificate endlessly.

It's awesome that you love your girlfriend so much and are willing to take the time to help her achieve her goals. I'm glad you're concerned for her safety because that's obviously pretty damn important.

But... if you've got shit in your head like 'she's fragile' and 'I don't want to strain her' you're pretty much fucked. You can't anywhere with a 'she's fragile' attitude. I hate to get all earth mother feminist on you but she's got the power to bring life into this world so she's hard as steel. You need to approach training her with the intent to help her become a bad ass. She's not fragile, she's just a beginner; by the time she reaches her goals, she should be able to kick your ass.

And just a friendly warning about training someone you're close to: that shit can get ugly. Fast. You might consider having a third party train her.


This is the reason I only date women who lift heavy.


no she really is fragile, like super fragile and sensitive which is why i think lifting will toughen her up and make her tougher. i smacked her ass once and it bruised, and she wouldn't stop complaining, she is actually weak

i understand women have this natural self-conciousness of d.i.y, but i'm being serious, she is really weak and she needs this

as you can see from people actually adding real facts and helping me out, notice how what i originally planned wouldn't work for a fragile girl and how i shouldn't lighten it, because she needs the help.

thats why it pisses me off i come to a board for help and all i get are 2 females who are offended by a natural sense of inferiority or something.


gotcha, well for the veggies thats no problem, she constantly is snacking on salads and fruit, and lacks protein in her system.



sounds to me like you have a girl who associates femininity with frailty and helplessness and she might well be humoring you along...

why isn't she on here asking advice for herself? why you gotta do that for her?

does she actually want to gain weight? does she actually want to be strong and empowered?

you can't change her, she's gotta want it for herself. i'd agree on a third party trainer. preferably a female who would act as a good role model for her of empowered femininity. otherwise... isn't it more likely to go something like this 'aw, i can't possibly do that i'm a frail helpless girl gee wow it is so impressive that you macho man can do so much more than me' flutter of the eyelids. till she's conned you into thinking she's only capable of doing her tricep kickbacks with 1kg.



See pic. This is how a lot of women want to look.

Being thin may be her goal.

What does she say about her build?

How old is she? Unless she's 14, 105 at 5'6" takes usually takes some serious dedication.

Does she have an eating disorder? Health problem?