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Getting my Doctor to Prescribe Phlebotomies

I hate donating a whole pint of blood. I wish it was possible to donate just a half pint at a time. In Japan they only do half pints. The last time I donated a whole pint I nearly passed out and had a reaction from too much blood loss. I got hot and sweaty and they had to give me ice packs. Part of this is because I’m on a beta blocker so it’s more difficult for me. Does anyone have advice on how to convince a doctor to write a prescription for phlebotomies?

Why not try a double red cell donation? They remove the red blood cells and return the plasma. Good for 16 weeks

What I do is make sure I eat and drink alot during the day and go after lunch. It seemed to really help to the point of it being no big deal anymore. I never go in teh morning or on an empty stomach.