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Getting my diet right

I’ve been reading/searching in the forums and on t-mag for pertinent info. on diet. Read articles such as lean eatin’, foods that make you look good nekid’, post workout puzzle 1&2, etc. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m in the right ballpark as far as my diet is concerned

I’m 5’9" 185#, baseball player. Focus of training/diet has been to gain strength. Not worried about shedding BF until its closer to spring. I throw&hit 4-5x/week and lift 3-4x/week. Lifting (mostly compound movements) now is to build strength, preparing for more focus on explosiveness later on

Diet for the past month has been as follows:

Meal 1.) oatmeal(100%rolled oats)+raisins, 2 serv. LC Grow!

Meal 2.) 3-4 omega3 eggs with cold milled flax seeds, slice of cheese, spoonful of natural PB, 1 serv. LC Grow!

Meal 3.) bowl of cereal (raisin bran, smart start, or fiber one), 2 serv. LC Grow!

Surge during/post workout

Meal 4.) 2 hamburger patties (95% lean), 2 cups mixed veggies, and combination of cereal/wheat bread/oatmeal

Meal 5.) can of tuna, small glass of OJ w/ glutamine

As you can see, I use LC Grow!, Surge, Glutamine, and also ZMA before bed

I am usually around 300g carb, 225-250g protein, and 35g fat

I’d really appreciate and feedback/comments or points in the right direction concerning my diet. Thanks

looks great except id move the bowl of cereal to the 2nd post workout meal, instead of pre workout.

Looks fairly decent; however, there were a couple of things I would modify.

First, ditch the cereal in your meal before your workout. I would roll with a good protein source like your 95% lean hamburger, steak or salmon and either a salad or some mixed veggies and efa’s.

Next, in your post-workout meal, I would drop the hamburger and throw in your Low-carb Grow instead and maybe an extra serving of cereal (you could use what you throw out of your pre-workout meal). For your final meal, I’d much rather see you eat an orange than the juice itself. Much better for you, plus you get the fiber.

Also, are you sure your calculations are correct? Unless you’re eating a crapload of cereal and oatmeal, I don’t see 300 g. carbs in what you listed. Fat looks extremely low as well. Should be absolutely no less than 20 percent of your cals, and 25-30 would be better. Just make sure that you’re loading up on EFA’s (flax, fish, olive oil, nuts ets)

I remember on one of the Tmag audio segments it was pointed out that natural testosterone levels reach their max when dietary fat >100g/day. Monounsaturated and saturated fat contribute the most to T, though I’d focus mostly on Mono’s for obvious reasons. I’d shoot for at least 70g total/day to start and tweak according to results.
Also, like previously mentioned, think about switching meal 4 and meal 3. This is because you don’t want low blood sugar/insulin levels at the start of your workout, though as a 1hr post workout meal cereal would be ideal.

Meal 1: Eat some real food and ditch the Grow.

Meal 2: You add the flax seeds to the cooked eggs? Bad idea. The heat is not good for the omega-3s. And make sure your yolks are still liquid. The last thing you want to do is to cook them thoroughly which harms the omega-3s (which you bought special eggs just for that purpose!).

What kind of cheese are you eating? Stick with uncooked cheeses like cheddar, swiss, etc.

Ditch the Grow and get more real food in there.

Meal 3: Ditch the cereal. Ditch the Grow and get some real food in there.

Meal 4: Get real hamburger meat. You want the fat, especially since it’s after a workout and your body will use the fat for what it needs it for (it will NOT store it as fat). Eating low fat meat all the time is bad for T levels. Animal fats seem to be the best at maintaining T levels.

Ditch the cereal.

Meal 5: Not too bad. But shouldn’t this be more of a protein and fat meal?

With fat making up a measly 12.5% of calories, and using flax seed, you’re BEGGING for depressed testosterone levels. Up the animal fat intake. By at least 70g per day. This would also help you get more calories. 2500/day seems rather low unless you weigh about 120 lbs, which you don’t. Add to that your activity levels and your calorie levels seem way low. You’re not going to add any muscle this way, and it’s also stressful on the adrenals to have restricted calories. And if your adrenals are stressed out from not enough enough calories, then you’re much more likely to overtrain. Not a good thing, cause you’re not going to get stronger being overtrained.

Key points:

  1. Quit depending on Grow. Use real food.

  2. Increase fat intake a LOT. Preferrably animal fats (which are usually about even with respect to mono: saturated ratio).

  3. Ditch cereals and other carbs that come in boxes.

Not meant as a flame, dude. Just trying to help.